Freshers Week 2014


So, I’ve been a bit quiet for the past couple of days and that’s due to the fact that I can tell you now, the past few days have been hectic, of sorts. All I can say is, Freshers!

Eager to here my story? I’m sure you are.

Let’s begin with day one, Wednesday, my moving in day!

So then, Wednesday was my moving in day. Hectic and terrifying come to mind when I think of this day! I arrived on campus shortly after 11:15am, shaking behind the wheel of my car, while at the same time oblivious to the world around me as all I could think about was just moving in, I wanted it to be over and done with, I didn’t want to think about what everything was going to be like after this day. Which, in all honestly. Was a big mistake. I sort of went into it blind and was prepared for how homesick I’d feel after. But oh well.

I arrived at BGU and went straight to get my keys. What happened when I got there proved how powerful, and slightly scary, the internet really is. Some second years and third years recognised me, asking me if my name was ‘George’ and then when I confirmed this, they then continued to tell me that I was known as ‘three car George’ because it was what I kept saying about on Facebook. It was humorous and comforting to be able to come to the university and not be a complete stranger. These older years went onto helping me move boxes in and generally help me get settled. However, on arriving to my room I was slightly disappointed. It seemed that me and mum shouldn’t have had the preset idea of what my room was going to look like as it, what I named it to be, the hobit hole. It saddened me, but I powered through.

There were so many of us in my room that my mum told me to leave it to her and my nan to sort it out whilst me and my friends went to get some air. The day passed by pretty fast and after a couple of hours my room was taking shape and becoming more homely. Which is what I needed.

What happened next was not what I needed.

I had to go to a residence meeting and for a while, I was sitting alone at the back. Not something I needed when I was feeling emotional about moving away anyway, but again, it wasn’t too bad. Finally some of the people I’d been talking to online appeared and I managed to tag along with them for a bit. It was nice to see some friendly faces amongst the chaos of moving in day. Trust me, don’t take it as a negative experience, moving in day, but it isn’t the most positive. Then again, that might just be my view.

Before long, it was time for the first freshers event, the white t-shirt party. This turned out to be the perfect ending to a very chaotic day! It was fantastic to just chuck myself in and start meeting people and just randomly going up to people and signing them. Fantastic.

Day Two, Thursday.

Thursday was more of a quieter day, giving myself a chance to settle in. I started the day by having to get up early for enrolement. That was exciting in itself as you get your access card/student ID so you feel like you’re actually part of the university once you’ve been able to officially sign up. Also, whilst I was there, I brought a university hood (a fleece one) so again, It felt like I was even more involved and it was nice. From there me and a few of the friends I’d made, made our way down to a small cafe that is on sight for a drink before I headed off into Lincoln on my way.

In the time I was alone it gave me a chance to walk around Lincoln, get a feel for the place, enjoy the sights and just settle myself into my new city, as well as going to see a familar face of an old friend from my old town. That was extremely comforting as it was nice knowing I had someone I knew so close by.

I finally got back to university and ended up spending the afternoon/evening with my friend Lucy. To a point where we decided not to go out, order pizza and watch the Lego movie instead. Hardcore start to freshers, but hey, one thing is certain and the one message I’d pass on is, don’t feel like you have to go out on freshers. You do what you want!

Day Three, Friday.

Again during the day of this day. It wasn’t anything major. It was a day of just getting general bits done and going round and about. I started the day by doing to the doctors with my friend Charley and James, this was to pick up the forms which would allow us to apply for the doctors, just to make sure we’d had it sorted in time. Then we went onto into Lincoln for a little look round and something to drink before again heading back to the university.

When back, me, James and Lucy met our course tutor in the cafe on site. This allowed us to know her before the course started, ask questions, understand the first semester in more depth and just give us more comfort for when starting the course, another little handy tip for when you start. Most universities tell the tutors to give the students time to settle in and not contact them majorly, so, if you make the first move, they will always be up for seeing you.

The afternoon and evening is pretty much self explanatory, it’s the same old of getting ready with your friends, drinking, chilling and generally just preparing for the antics of the evening ahead. The night was Geek Night! Turning out again to be an outstanding amount of fun! At the end of freshers, I will upload some pictures!

Day Four, Saturday.

Yesterday, there isnt much to tell. Within the first week of university you are doing so much running about and drinking, that you simply become exhausted beyond belief. It get’s to the point where you need a rest, so Saturday I spent a lot of the day in bed until in the evening I went shopping with some friends, we got general shopping for the week and then headed back for another night of freshers, the frat party. Another fantastic night, more memories and of course, more drinking.

Today, well, the day is as it comes! Nothing much to tell there!

And for now, that is my update of my first week at university and how freshers is going. As well as some helpful hints and tips! I’ll write more once this week is over. Also, my course starts tomorrow, so, I might be delayed, but, I’ll try my hardest.




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