Good Afternoon, so, this post was entitled something different. The sentence that I was going to name it, I still believe applies, therefore, I will start this post with what it was going to be called.

“Freshers is over! … But not forgotton.”

There we have it, freshers 2014 at BGU is now over and done with. What a week it’s been though! Personally, it’s been everything I expected it to be and more, it’s simply been fantastic! I couldn’t have asked for a better week! Whenever you hear about what to expect from freshers, don’t take it on board, just be prepared for anything because it’s a rollercoaster of a week, but it’s all for the best. You’ll all love it!

So, within my freshers we had: White T-Shirt Party, Wild West Night, Geek Night, Frat Party, Silent Disco and the Fresher’s ball… there maybe some others that I’ve forgot, if so, I literally can’t remember. However, out of them, I only missed one. Some nights were better than others but they were all still outstanding! I’ve made so many memories during this time, it’s literally been fantastic. I can’t describe to any of you how amazing it’s been. I ‘should’ be including some pictures at some point in this post!

However, moving on.

You all heard me talking about how terrified I was about moving to university and all that came with that etc, however, you’ll be happy to know as of this point, I’ve been through my first week of ‘lectures’. Now, I write lectures as I did because it’s introduction week so we didn’t do a large amount, it was like a settle in week to know your tutors and group but never the less, it’s been a very exciting week. However, I did miss one lecture because I was ill and this is were I’ll pass on this message:


But back to lectures. My first couple of lectures have been informative… let’s just put it that way. Now remember, I’m doing BA (Hons) Drama In The Community, meaning, I just wanted to act and act and act. I suppose I didn’t really think about the informative side of it. So Monday, we met out group, introduced ourselves and sat… and sat… and sat… for an awfully long time while we heard about the course, as well as learning a song from the culture of one of our lecturers, so that made the lecture feel a bit more productive.

Tuesday was our bigger lecture, another long day, but this time, a lot more productive! This day started with all the single honours and all the joint honour students coming together to hear talks from the Student Union and Student Services and then hearing some more from the course before being split into groups and doing some workshops. This introduced us to our tutors as well as helped us bond with our group, which all in all, well extremely positive. This day ended with one of our other tutors and her introducing us to the third years, learning their ideas for their pieces and taking part in some warm up activites.

Wednesday, I was ill. Freshers flu and other personal problems caused me to just need to spend a day in bed. I needed the rest, luckily, I talked to my tutor and she was extremely supportive. Another thing I’d always urge you to do, as in my last post, talk to your tutors! It’s important.

Thursday, there was a lecture, but again, it was generally about information that we needed to know. So nothing major, nothing exciting but a lecture none the less.

Now Friday, where we are today and I’m home! Unfortunately the circumstances that brought me home aren’t the best, but none the less, I’m home and that’s the exciting thing. I’ve been able to see my family, spend time with my mother and more. Now tomorrow, I’ll be taking my friends back to Lincoln with me to experience the night life (even I haven’t done that yet) and then my first my real week of universiy begins! Exciting… well it already has, but, you know!

That’s all I have to say for this update!



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