Good Afternoon, it’s been a busy day. However, the dinner is in the oven and it’s time to write a new post.

So, you’ve already been with me on the beginning of my journey whilst university and heard all I’ve had to say up until now, and finally, I believe things are starting settle and my life in university is starting to grow. Slowly, but surely.

I’m now into my second week of my lectures and to be honest, I’m starting to settle in quite well, well mostly.

I wouldn’t be as sane as I am if you wasn’t for the amazing support provided by the university. That’s what I want to write about today, the support you can receive from your university.

When I started, well before then even, I knew that I was going to be home sick when I came to university. What I didn’t know is to what extent I’d be home sick and it came as a shock. Now to understand how home sick I was, I need to jump back a little. After losing my dad when I was little, I rarely left the house. It was just me and mum and at a young age, I hated leaving her. In essence, I hated staying away from home, even at a friends house. This carried on for years, I’d go round friends houses with the intent to have a sleepover and then come the early hours of the morning I’d be ringing mum to come and get me purely because I couldn’t bare sleeping else where. This pretty much carried on for a long time and I never thought it’d end, however, as I got older of course things changed. I started staying round friends houses, being away from the house a couple of days at a time and just generally have a good time with my friends, so, I lured myself into a false sense of security with thinking I’d be fine when it came to moving away from university. I just thought “Oh, I can come home at any time, it’ll be fine. I’ll make friends and before long I’ll be fine”. Though, come moving in day, after everyone had left, I felt so alone.

Now I didn’t try to think too much into this and just understood that is was natural and in time, I’d be fine. Though, that didn’t prove to be the case. By the next day, I just needed support therefore I emailed our accommodation officer and asked where I’d be able to find support if I needed it and explained how I was feeling. Immediately she replied with such great support that it just calmed me down that little bit. From there, I got introduced to the chaplaincy team at my university and spoke with them. I met a fantastic person and he just helped me so muc. I could vent to him and he’d just listen to all I have to see. I discovered that I had so much trust in this person that I told him all that had happened to me in my life leading up to where I am now, this included all my loses, tough times and what not and he listened to them all and suggested so much I could do to help myself and prepare myself for any dark days in the future. Baring in mind this was within the past week, he was so understanding and just talked me through the support I could access day or night, this man was fantastic.

From that day on, I’ve had days that have been difficult, but never the less, I’ve kept going! I even ended up going home for the weekend, and of course, that started the whole cycle over again, though, I’m staying stronger this time!

Basically, what you need to understand when attending university is that you are not alone. You have a hall of people you can talk to, especially if you are living in halls. They are there 24/7, don’t be afraid to talk to them, they are going through exactly the same as you. You have staff galore who are willing to talk to you or just listen, don’t be afraid of them. You’re basically turning into an adult now, talk to them. You have all kind of supportive services avaliable to you, so use them. Don’t suffer in silence. Plus remember, your family and friends are always a phone call away. Personally, I’d plan out a route or way of getting home at any time if you should ever feel you need to, it isn’t a crime to go home if you want too. Do it, as long as you don’t miss your lectures, go crazy!

Just remember, you aren’t alone. Enjoy yourself. Feel supported.



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