General Update – Three Weeks In

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A very tired Good Morning to you all,

So, it’s 11:31am as I start writing this. I woke up about tirty minutes ago and it’s the longest lay in I’ve had in a long time. I’ve had a reasonable eleven hours sleep, but as usual, I still feel tired.

In all fairness, my timetable isn’t even that strenious.

  • Monday: 9-3
  • Tuesday: 9-3
  • Wednesday: 10-1
  • Thursday: 3-5

See? The only days that take some extra effort to get up is Monday and Tuesday, even then, I roll out of bed about eight o’clock, watch How I Met Your Mother and then finally get dressed. Taking Drama In The Community means I don’t have to be rushing around every morning to get books and paper together, it’s always already in my bag. So, bonus there. Wednesday isnt’ too bad, it depends what I’ve been doing the night before, but hey, extra hour in bed. Of course Thursdays are pretty good as I have a lay in all morning, but still have to go to a lecture in the afternoon. Friday’s, I have all day off, so that means a three day weekend. No complaining from me! Although since I’ve started, my Friday’s have been used for travelling home more than anything.

Which is where I am currently! I am writing this from my little home in Hinckley. I came home yesterday around lunch time and then washed me car (I’d been waiting to wash it for so long, it actually made me happy to clean it inside and out), and then I got to have a bath (shamelessly I had two baths yesterday because I missed them… and about to have another after this post), then I went out for a meal with some old friends which was lovely. Then today, they are coming back to Lincoln with me as we are going out for the night, so as you can imagine, I am very excited for that. The driving is the past I don’t look forward to the most, that can be painful and tiring. Especially with tomorrow when I have to drive them back home and then drive back to Lincoln in one day and once I get back, I have work to do. Fun times for me!

Course wise, things are going really well. The course is really good, fun to be part of, providing lots of opportunities and already, a few weeks in, teaching me a lot. I look forward to what is to come, it’s just adjusting to the work load, obviously because I’m not used to it but I know where to find support and am confident that I’ll get there. It’s just once you complete one piece of work, you’re being handed another or you’re getting loads at the same time and have to plan out which is more important, which to do first and of course with Drama, coursework and anything like that is research or learning lines, so, it can be challenging, but all worth it! Me and my friends have just signed up to help with a theatre company that specialise in doing events, e.g. the one we’ve signed up for is Halloween and we’ll either be part of a haunted train ride or a haunted house kind of deal. Something I’ve always wanted to be part of but never took the leap!

Don’t get me wrong, through all the good there is bound to be bad and the negative has been present. I always thought that when I came to univeristy, things would really change. E.g. people would be that bit more mature, people wouldn’t ‘bitch’ or gossip, I thought people would have more respect for each other but I’ve discovered that isn’t the case. It’s similar to anything I’ve really experienced. I suppose loads of 18+ people in a building together is bound to cause gossip, but, I don’t know, it’s just hard to have to go on facing them when the course and the move is stressful enough, you don’t want to have to be dealing with people like that.

So, there we have it. A general update around my life at university so far. It’s definitely, interesting. Yes, interesting, that’s the right word to use. Haha. I really do want to try and start video blogging again because I did really enjoy doing it, it’s just finding the motivation to do it, I’m sure I’ll get there, actually, it’s finding the time!

Actually, one quick thing! I’m setting up a poetry society at university so hopefully, in time on this blog, you’ll start to see some poetry posts and videos from within that society, so, watch this space!

Many thanks,



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