With 6 weeks left…

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It’s fair to say, it’s been a while since I last posted on my WordPress. Seeing as this WordPress was meant to document my life and journey through first year at university, I’ve done pretty poorly, but there is great reason for that and that is because you don’t realise how much university takes up your time and even when you have free time, you are effectively sleeping or in zombie mode. But anyway, a new update.

As it currently stands it is the Easter holidays, I am in my first week of my two weeks off and the scary thought that haunts me is that after these two weeks, I have six weeks in total until I finish my first year at university and all I can think is, wow. That time has flew by and I can’t even say I know where it’s gone. So much has happened in the past year, friendships have been made, some have been broke, there was been romantic conquests and complete fails, there has been hard work and even harder partying nights out, there has been ill days, days out, plenty of food and plenty of memories made! Where you fit it all in is beyond me, a natural balance of work and social life just falls together, even though I feel like my social life has a bigger weighing compared to my work, but, we’ll avoid that thought.

I’m going to try and write this quickly as I am meant to be researching for an upcoming assignment (the last one of first year) and at the minute I’ve done a plan and highlighted some words in ONE book, so, a bit behind… but hey, it’s Easter and I’m putting everything behind me, I’m even going to see the new Fast and Furious tonight so delaying even more, but anyway!

As you all know form when I first started writing, for the past year, I have been studying BA (Hons) Drama In The Community at Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln and all I can say living in Lincoln has been some of the best months I’ve ever experienced but for the sake of this section, I’ll focus on university itself. It’s had it’s ups and downs, that’s to be fair. It’s been a lot of hard work and I know it’ll only get harder. There was been full day rehearsals followed by late night rehearsals, early mornings and late nights spent in the library, sleepless nights stressing over work and assignments, panic as deadlines draw closer and major relief when it’s all been handed in. Days where you just don’t care and can’t be bothered, days where you want to give it your all, days where you learn and take away so much from a lecture and lectures where you feel like you’ve achieved nothing, plenty of complaining, plenty of heated debates, plenty of rewarding experiences and it’s all be squeezed into the past ten and a half months. Not to brag but to give you an idea of how I am doing at univeristy, I’ve achieved (so far) three 2.1’s and a first, this is through my previous performances, exams and assignments, busy busy busy! I wouldn’t change the process of the past few months, even the bads… because they have been followed by the good.

It makes me laugh, I find it so easy to just write off so many words for a blog post but when it comes to writing an assignment it takes me two days if not longer! Oh well… must stop procastinating.

I’ve found university is pathing a way for me to discover who I really am and achieve my best and really shape myself into the person I am to become. Don’t get me wrong, that all sounds daunting from what I’ve just said but of course fitted into all of that is going out every Tuesday night for student night and attending lectures hunover the next day, travelling home when I find the chance and catching up with friends and family, going to the beach or mini golf places at a farm that sells fresh ice cream or even going out for countless meals and orderin countless take aways, there is so much and so many levels to university, from writing this, I don’t need to question where the time is because… I’ve been making memories has cheesy as that sounds. I’ve been using my time (mostly) to have fun, work hard and play harder and now I’m here, six weeks away from finishing. All that is left to do is a couple of placements in schools for TIE theatre (as well as finishing this assignment) and I’m done and then I have summer and second year begins which will be an entirely different experience.

Whether you are in the same position as me where you are about to finish your first year or you’re about to start… those who are about to finish, keep going, its not long now and you know it’s worth it, those who are starting, prepare yourself for a lot of memories (and a lot of selfies) and prepare to just have a bloody good time! That’s all I can say! Find how university works for you and just enjoy it! Again, work hard, play harder.

Many thanks,



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