Freshers Week 2015 / Hints & Tips

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It’s nearly August 2015 therefore that means, it’s only a month until Freshers begins and to those beginning university this September there is excitment, nerves, panic and anticipation in the air! Here are my hints and tips for Freshers Week 2015.

So, the next academic years is soon upon us. With only a month left, the Freshers of 2015, the new first years, are preparing for there first year at university, no matter where that is! People are deciding what to pack, what to take, turning to family members, friends and the internet in search of answers that they feel need answering, in order for them to have a knowledge they think they need to know. Little to know, it’s nothing you can learn, it just has to happen!

I’ve been spending a lot of time helping out over on the website The Student Room. Now, for those of you that don’t know what that is you can either check out my previous post here or you can listen to this very short description! It’s basically a website that’s target audience is students (obviously…) and students can swarm to this website to both ask and answer questions about A Levels, University and more! (For more detail, check out my previous post).

Now, back to where I was. Like I said, I’ve been spending a lot of time over on the website posting in the university forums and answering threads. A pattern I am picking up on is that of Freshers week! Now, I never had that many questions about Freshers when I started, I just knew it to be one big party. How many questions can there be about that?

Turns out, a few! Therefore I am going to give examples of the questions and then my hints and tips! Here we go: How much of Freshers are you missing out on if you don’t go to the nightclubs? What are peoples experiences in regards to Freshers? What are your hints and tips?  Should I be wary of Freshers? If I don’t attend Freshers events will I not make friends? The list goes on!

The Q/A:

  1. If you don’t attend the nightclubs on Freshers that is your choice but I wouldn’t say you are missing out on a lot. During my Freshers week I never went out once to a nightclub during the week, only after the week did I and because I was still attending the events on campus and in the SU, I didn’t miss out on much. I think all you’ll miss out on is the baging hangover, ringing ears and making memories you’ll never remember, as well as experiencing the nightlife – but this can be done any time, as I’ve mentioned.
  2. My experience of Freshers was a week long drinking session, attending some hilarious events, listening to some good music, having cheap drinks, singing until my hearts content, meeting the SU staff and people on campus and on my course, as well as late nights and late mornings.
  3. My hints and tips are to follow!…….
  4. I wouldn’t say you need to be ‘wary’ during Freshers. Just have common sense about going out as any normal person who’s been out before has. That’s about it!
  5. If you don’t attend Freshers, I wouldn’t say you won’t make friends, you just won’t make “freshers friends” as they call it. You’ll still make friends on your course or what not. If you don’t go, you just miss out on a very social week where the ability to make friends is a lot higher.

Hints & Tips (My Personal Ones)

  • Attend all Freshers events that your SU run. I can get you to imagine how much effort goes into arranging a Freshers week, the planning, the cost and so much more. They’ve done it for you so go and enjoy it! Don’t be nervous or shy, everybody is in the same boat as you. Just enjoy it! Have a laugh and make some memories!
  • If you don’t want to drink, don’t drink! But please for the love of God, still go out! You don’t have to drink but you can still attend the events! Freshers isn’t all about drinking.
  • Get some old fancy dress together – you never know what your SU are going to run. If you need a place to get fancy dress, there is an entirely student run website called Fancy Freshers. Either use this website or just get some cheap stuff from else where!
  • Before you get to university, save up a little extra cash aside from your main fund to use your Freshers week! This is for drinks (if you do drink), the countless take aways you’ll have that week, money for just getting essentials you’ll have forgotton and what not! Always a good back up!
  • Attempt to find your univerisites SU on Facebook/Twitter or an official website to find out the events and what will be happening during Freshers.
  • REMEMBER EVERYBODY IS IN THE SAME BOAT AS YOU DURING THIS WEEK, everybody is nervous and panic-y but excitment is brewing so enjoy it and make friends, be social!
  • Take plenty of pictures and make plenty of memories!
  • Fill the days during Freshers attending the day-time events or use it to explore your town/city. Get a few people together, have a walk around. Find out where the nearest doctors is, the nearest dentist, the nearest everything. Even the hospital. Trust me, you neverk now!
  • Invite people to go for drinks (or a least recovery food after the long nights partying).
  • Learn NOT to break the ‘pee ceal’ as it’s called… oh, you’ll learn.
  • Don’t mix drinks. It’s silly and you will do it, but Freshers takes this to another level.
  • Sharpen up on your drinking games. Especially Ring of Fire and ‘Never Have I Ever’, you’ll understand sooner or later.
  • Know that second and third years are willing to help, you can ask them anything. They are mature enough to help you!
  • These is 24/7 support, you’ll never be alone.
  • There is no shame in feeling home sick, again, everyone will be feelin the same.
  • Make sure wherever you end up crashing there is a bucket or bags near by or a toilet… yeah, you understand.
  • Get the taxi rank number on your phone. It’s a life saver.
  • Get plenty of rest, it’s important. Keep your health in mind!

These are all I can come up with right now. I may come up with more, I may expand on some points. We shall just have to see! I hope this provides potential Freshers with a little help!

If you have any questions or you’d like me to blog about anything else, please comment!

Or you can follow me on my university Twitter: JustGeorgeJ_TSR

The Student Room: JustGeorgeJ

Peace & ENJOY FRESHERS 2015!


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