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Hello fellow students (GCSE, A Level or Uni… or whatever),

So fantastic news since the last time I posted. My last post was all about the work I’m doing over on other websites and what not and this post is staying in lines with that. I’ve been working a lot on The Student Room at the minute dedicating my time to helping potentional students, as well as other students and all kinds of people! Answering any question to the best of my ability, and now I have the ability to do this threw articles!

I have an unpaid job writing over on the website: Student Wire

This website provides articles at the target audience students, obviously, about all different kinds of topics and sub topics. It’s a fantastic little website and it feels great to be writing for them! So far I’ve only done two articles and they will be listed as follows.

Article One: Why is university so exciting?

This article was giving key points on why university is exciting for any students who were having doubts or questioning university this coming September. It just outlined the enjoyment out of first year as a whole as well as focusing on Freshers week a little.

Article Two: Freshers 2015 – Helpful Advice (Part One)

This article is pretty much as titled. It was helpful advice about Freshers 2015 (well any Freshers to be honest) but all the information came from current students collected through a questionnaire style format. Then put together in a generic form but had to be split up, therefore, my third article will be part two of this.

My third article is going to be on Young Parents at university so keep an eye out for that!

Links are provided above, enjoy, have a look, feedback is accepted!

If you have any questions or want to keep up to date with what I’m doing follow my university Twitter: @JustGeorgeJ_UNI


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