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I’m starting to post more and more, aren’t you readers lucky!

If you haven’t already saw I’ve cleaned up my profile a bit. Finally changed the theme after a year, added a couple of new pages. Find names and links below.

I thought adding onto this, I’d share links (all up to date) with all my recent articles and websites. 

JustGeorgeJ (Personal WordPress) 

JustGeorgeJ (Student Wire Profile / Articles)

Some exciting news that I can share with you is that my Facebook page has just broke 100 views. Now it doesn’t sound like much to the big time bloggers and vloggers but to me, that is fantastic and I’m so happy I’ve achieved this milestone.

Find the page here: JustGeorgeJ

I really am trying to push myself further and further and if you are asking ‘why am I doing this?’ then head over the the ‘Why?’ page and understand.


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