The Countdown : Part Two

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This article is a little different to what most of you have been reading lately. I’m moving away from helping others and sharing my journey with you again… Don’t worry, I’ll be back to helping you guys soon.

‘The Countdown : Part Two’ – now before any of you say anything, I know you’ll be looking for ‘The Countdown : Part One’, let me make this easier for you, there isn’t one. The first part to this ‘countdown’ is unofficially the articles I wrote before starting first year. (You can find these located under ‘The Journey‘ tab and then go to ‘First Year‘… or click the handy looks because look how kind I am!).

Now let’s get down to what I wanted to write about.

One week today I will move into the new house at university. I will be experiencing second year living in a house share as oppose to living in halls as I did in my first year. Some of you may be surprised by this but, I’m actually nervous about second year. I’m having similar feelings as to the ones I experienced just before first year. Others may feel the same as I do, they may not but for me, it’s a little less scary than starting university for the first time but still nerve racking.

For me, I have a timetable change and my lecturers change and of course my accommodation has changed and I don’t like change. I really don’t. However, I have to just roll with it. Let’s focus on the timetable first. Now I’m not saying a timetable change is the worst thing. I’m now in Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday instead of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I think the new days are alright but you have to understand I settle myself into routines and I’m still hardwired into my first year routine, the one I was comfortable with. It just makes me nervous, but, oh well. I’ll have to get used to it.

My change in lecturers is another thing that makes me nervous and this is because (as you usually do with teachers and lecturers) everybody has their own opinion on them and these can be good and bad. That’s what I’ve had with these ones and I’m not sure how I feel. The lecturers I had in first year knew me. They knew how I felt towards certain things, my skill level and talent and what not where as these new ones don’t and it nerves because they may not take the time to do so, but on the other hand, they might. I just work myself up with all these worries in my head.

Accommodation. I’m no longer living in halls, I will now be in a house share. I feel like that’s too much responsibility. However I look forward to more space, more spaces to chill out and to be honest, I’m looking forward to settle down in it and making it ‘home’. That’s what I need. Stability and we’ve applied for this accommodation for two years and I look forward to that. However, I just have worries. Usual worries like I panic myself over the thought of people breaking in or like, burning the house day.. you know, completely… rational… things. Just me? Okay.

Don’t get me wrong I’m still excited about second year. It’s just buried somewhere behind all these nerves. I look forward to getting stuck back in and enjoying the freedom and individuality. It makes me feel grown up and the only way to settle the nerves is to face it head on and just take it however it comes. Only problems that come my way I’ll work through them and just make the best out of every bad situation, if there is any. I know it’s going to be a stressful year as second year is, but I can just see a lot more memories to be made in the process.

My countdown for the start of second year has begun. After moving in I still have just under three weeks until my course starts up again, and that is scary but again, looking forward to getting back into. I do love my course.

The countdown has begun and the second year articles/entries are being started, this means the ‘Second Year‘ link will now be active with content. The link has been provided by yours truly again.

Also another thing, I know that some of you understand that I do work over on ‘The Student Room‘. Well today I posted a thread that gained some attention and I thought it’d be worth sharing it with you, it’s called: ‘FIRST YEARS & FRESHERS – Student Worries?’ It explains a bit in the thread what I’m asking for as well as having a poll about which is your biggest student worry, they are as follows:

  • Freshers
  • Halls
  • Course
  • Finances
  • Student Life

Please go and check it out, have your say and help me create content for these articles. 


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