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Halls, flats, corridors, rooms, keys, house sharing, flatmates and the list goes on. These are all words that start rising once ‘accommodation’ starts being discused. It’s inevitable. As soon as you start talking about accommodation, every goes into a blink panic. Guess what it’s time for? Me sharing my experience.

Let’s jump straight in with my experience of accommodation.

During my first year at university I stayed in accommodation. During the process of applying for accommodation I had to fill out a film and number from 1-7 (1 being my first choice and 7 being my last) of what accommodation I would like. First and foremost I applied for an en-suit in the recently refurbished halls. Sadly I ended up with shared accommodation in the other halls, which to be honest, wasn’t half bad. I’d had a viewing for these halls and roughly new how big the rooms were and what I’d need.

On moving day I get showed to my room by some helpful students and ended up with a much smaller room than I’d originally planned. Like this room was tiny and was nothing compared to the others. Every other room had fit a double bed with plenty of room left over and even had a built in wardrobe. Mine had a wardrobe that was falling apart and was hard to fit people into. My mum, nan and friends helped me move in – although my mum and nan told the rest of us to leave so they could do the main work as the room was so cramped – and then later I helped make the room ‘mine’. At first I didn’t really like my room but as time went on, I really grew to love that room. Yes it was small, but it was cosy and nice. I made it mine and it was comfortable to be in. 

I had to share showers and toilets whilst in halls and at first this terrified me, but after a while, I realise it’s just like sharing any toilet/shower with family at home. You just have to trust that people are as clean as you. As for kitchens they were fine. There were plenty of kitchens in my halls and had a few people in each. I miss my little kitchen. Unlike most people I lived on a corridor in halls. This had around 40 people on it, give or take. On one end was boys and on the other was girls with toilets and kitchens spread up and down the corridor. It was a nice corridor. As time went out, with so many of us on one floor, tensions ran high sometimes but that’s understandable and my floor was definitely the party floor – that I didn’t appreciate much but oh well. It was an experience. 

My words of wisdom? Make the most of what you’re given.

Now, accommodation. (If you’re living in halls and with shared bathrooms).


  • You only have your room to look after. You can make your room yours. Do what you want and make it your little home in that flat/corridor or whatever.
  • You are surrounded by loads of potential friends, make the most of it!
  • You don’t have to worry about cleaning bathrooms as the cleaners will do that. (Obviously be respectful and help clean a little!)
  • Make sure you keep your kitchens tidy but you have your own little kitchen you share with others and if you are friends, you can share food if you’re all open to sharing.
  • There is literally always something going on but it 3pm or 3am. There is always somebody awake and always someone willing to have a chat with.
  • You’ll make so many friends in halls, but it parties in corridors/flats or watching movies in the corridors and eating junk food or having races… the list goes on.
  • If you start getting homesick – like I’ve said – there are people surrounding you to help you whenever you need them.
  • If one person is going out in the flat, then most of you are. Therefore you don’t have to worry about getting woken up early in the morning!
  • You can leave your doors open and have chats with people as they walk by!

This pros list could go on forever, let’s look at some of the cons…


  • Noisy cleaners. Cleaners will wake you up at the crack of dawn with their hovering. If you’ve been out the night before and got in at the earlier hours, you won’t be happy.
  • On the odd occasion you may get woken up early by noisy rabble coming in in the early hours, it will be annoying, but remember that could be you sometimes!
  • It’s hard to escape to anywhere but your room. Sometimes you want to watch TV or spend some time cooking or relax in the bathroom, you don’t always get them luxaries in halls.
  • If the kitchen has been cleaned to a standard the cleaners can then do the rest of the job, it won’t get cleaned at all and them moments are horrible.
  • You don’t get as much privacy as oppose to living in your own house.
  • Loud music/talking and what not when you are sleeping/studying can be a pain.

These are the only cons I can think of really. If anybody has anymore please feel free to add them.

My advice to anyone is that you should definitely live in halls when you’re in your first year at university. If you are planning on moving away for university, accommodation becomes a big part of your life and trust me, I know. I’m going into my second year and doing a house share and my head is spinning. Halls is a good laugh and you’ll make so many memories in halls. Enjoy it!

Want to add something to this article? Want to share your accommodation memories and what not? Why not send them in to JustGeorgeJ on Facebook or catch me on Twitter @JustGeorgeJ_UNI / Would love to hear from you! 


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