Guest Writers: Lorna Zurek / A New Beginning

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Lorna is about to start her first year at De Montfort University in Leicester studying Social Work. Please welcome her first article.

A New Beginning

A new beginning. What exactly is a new beginning? There are so many different perceptions on ‘new beginnings’. Is it leaving everything behind and running away to a new place starting a new life or is it just simply just waking up one morning and feeling like today your going to start again and try to figure out new goals?
I think a new beginning is different to every individual.

My new beginning is University.
Words cant describe how scared I am, but at the same time very…excited?
Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be moving so far away from my hometown, my family or my friends. It scares me to think that I’m living in a city I’ve never really spent much time in, on my own, without my family. I need my family beside me and i’m terrified to be doing this ‘alone’.

My grandma has been my rock for 12 years and it not only scares me to leave, it scares me that i’m leaving her. All she has done throughout her life, is raise her own children and then me when my mum passed. It’s going to make her so proud to be my grandma knowing i’m going to university and making a better life for myself, but it’s also going to tear her apart and i’m terrified to see that happen. I can’t bare to see my grandma in tears because she feels like she is losing her last child. Feeling lost and not knowing what her purpose in life is anymore but she’s strong. Families are strong.

If you’re going to university, or just moving away, starting a new job, getting your own house. Whatever it may be. Your families are strong and they may be sad for a few days, weeks or months, but a time will come when the floods of sad tears turn into tsunami’s of fiery, great-hearted, proud tears. This will be the moment when you finally know that it’s okay to have new beginnings because even if they don’t work out, you still tried. you showed bravery, initiative and commitment. And isn’t that what uni is all about? Being brave to leave home and become independent. Showing initiative towards your course and being committed to it, to your new lifestyle and to your peers as well as your assignments. The whole point of a new beginning is to test your limits, to see how far you’re willing to go to make yourself a better person or a better life.

A new beginning.

It allows you to see your own strengths and not just your weaknesses.
It gives you chance to stand in the spotlight and saying i’m doing it.
To allow you time to succeed in something your heart is attached to.

But most of all…


So to new beginnings.
To my first year at university starting in September. I thank you.
I thank you for giving me this chance to better myself, to be my own person and to test my willingness. You are allowing me to change my life and make something out of it.
yes. I am terrified of you. However I’m also deeply in love with you and your concept.

To everyone taking new steps into new beginnings whether its university or not. Just go for it. Just in to the deep end and if you struggle to swim, take it a little slower. Do not give up! After all, if it was something that you couldn’t do, you wouldn’t be given the chance to do it in the first place. University is that start of your life. It’s where you truly realise who you are and what your meaning on earth is. Mine is to be a social worker.
The best of the best. I’ll keep working my arse off until I reach that goal.

So keep working your arse off until you reach yours. Whatever that may be.
Because, my friend, you’re incredible and your new beginning, is just round the corner.


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