Packing 101

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As I’m less than a week away from moving into my student house share with friends I’ve made from first year, I find myself frantically packing in prepartion to make the room there, my own. I’ve decided to write an article on packing because I know that I learned a lot of do’s and don’t’s from when I lived in halls in first year.

Don’t ask me why I called it packing 101, I felt it brought more of an edge to it to make you feel as though you’d ‘learn’ something from this article, American style.

I’m going to start straight off the bat and share three rules with you that I’ve only learned in my second year, I wish I’d have known them in my first. When deciding what to pack, it’s best that you split overthing into three piles – which I’ll explain. By doing so and following these rules you’ll avoid overpacking.

  1. YES / This pile is all the things that are essential. You NEED these things and can’t live without them. Be it everyday life essentials e.g. toothbrush, body wash’s and what not or even pictures and posters to make your room homely. Of course clothes and what not – common sense people!
  2. MAYBE / This pile is things that you think you COULD need at university, but there is no guarantee you need them straight away. You can pack them up anyway and then leave them at home and then either get your parents to bring them up when they visit or pick them up yourself at some other time. This way you can see if you have room for them and and if you really do need them.
  3. NO / This pile is all about the things that you’ve thought at and gone, I don’t need it but I want to take it because you never know there may be that one time that I really really need that one top just incase this situation happens. NO. You don’t need it, put it aside and leave it at home. Don’t weigh yourself down with things yo really don’t need.

Follow these and hopefully they should help you some what.

Overpacking is the worse thing about moving into halls or student house sharing. When I first moved into halls I took three cars and inherited the name ‘Three Car George’ but that’s an entirely different story. Three cars full of… to be honest, rubbish I didn’t need. Once I’d finished all the unpacking I had a couple of boxes with stuff I didn’t need or just didn’t have room for but I FELT I needed them and I had to find space to get rid of the boxes. That’s the important thing, FEELING like you need them. If you are anything like me you just wanted to take your entire room just because you wanted everything that reminded you of home, there with you. You didn’t want to leave anything JUST IN CASE. However that ‘just in case’ will barely ever come. You have to be ruthless. If you have forgot something you really need, it’s never too late, you can get someone to bring it down to you or pick it up on a visit home. Don’t worry! Just pack the essentials!

What did I take when moving into halls?

I took all the clothes I’d thought I’d need, I took everything I’d need to have a wash e.g. body washes and toothbrush and toothpaste etc etc. Putting them basics aside I took pillows and blankets to put on my bed to make my room comfy. I took pictures of family and friends that I put up everywhere, as well as posters and what not to fill the blank empty walls (P:S – MOST UNIVERSITIES WILL SAY THEY DON’T ALLOW STUFF ON THE WALLS BUT THIS IS WITH BLUE TAC, IF YOU USE WHITE TAC YOU’LL BE JUST FINE) and other little items to put up, such as going away to university cards. My electronics were important such as my laptop and speakers and Xbox – I loved having my music to play out when I first moved in, and the Xbox was a good stress relief during stressful times.

Add on top of that all of my kitchen stuff and what not and that’s basically what I took.

I have probably missed a lot off of there. I’m guessing you get the idea though.

What am I taking now I’m moving into the house share?

Pretty much exactly the same!

Packing is stressful but like I said, follow those rules and be ruthless and you’ll be just fine. You don’t want to overpack because it’s just too much.

Good luck!


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