Student Worries: Your Say (TSR – Poll Results)

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Recently I ran a poll over on ‘The Student Room’ entitled ‘What is your biggest student worry?’ and gave the follow options: Freshers, Halls, Course, Finances and Student Life. The poll hasn’t officially ended as of yet, therefore is still running, but I thought I’d share the results I’ve already collected. There has been 42 voters in the poll over all.

As of current these are the results on the poll:

  • Freshers (8 – 19.05%)
  • Halls (2 – 4.76%)
  • Course (11 – 26.19%)
  • Finances (18 – 42.86%)
  • Student Life (3 – 7.14%)

As well as these results I’ve had a few replies from upcoming first years and freshers asking questions regarding these subject matters be it about making friends during friends, areas about moving in day, how I found my course when I first started, if they should get a student bank account or just how day to day life went during first year.

By now it’s pretty obvious that for the most part, I’ve done an article that covers nearly every area but I thought I’d do a quick summary for each area.


There is a straight split between students who look forward towards freshers and those who don’t as it draws nearer. To all the upcoming Freshers, enjoy it! As I’ve said many a time, Freshers is basically a one week giant social filled with fun events and get togethers. Make the most of it and try attend as many as you can. Should you buy a Freshers band? Yes! Definitely worth it and will encourage you to go to the events? Will you make friends during the events? Yes! Be outgoing and up for a chat and you’ll be fine. You will meet kindred spirits. Don’t panic. Have fun!


Halls are a great experience to live in! I’d suggest to anyone to do it during your first year, just for the experience and the memories that you’ll get along with it! Yes moving in day is stressful but a lot of fun and you’ll be saying hi to everyone, left, right and centre. You’ll learn many new things, how to cook, clean and generally look after yourself. Great for when you go into a house share in second year.


Obviously every course is different so I can’t give advice on all but everybody gets nervous about starting there course! Just enjoy your introductory lessons, talk to people, make friends and again be outgoing. Be open minded and enjoy your course! You’ve joined it because you have a passion for it and you’ll love it!


Everyone struggles with finances the first time around and it’s part of the learning experiences. It takes time, but if you budget and KNOW YOUR MONEY, you’ll be absolutely fine. You’ll make mistakes and trip up but again, that’s the learning curve. Like I said, I’d suggest getting a student account and keeping your money in that and then maybe getting another account that you use as your main account and using that one to use as outcome/income. You’ll get the hang of it!

Student Life

What can I say about student life? Erm, it makes you appreciate living with your parents that little bit more! You start to realise how much they did that you took for granted, e.g. washing your clothes and cleaning the house etc – of course this may be different for some but this is how it felt for me. It’s certainly an experience but one with learning tricks and tips, as well as life hacks that you need to survive! It’s like doing Bear Grylls but student style! 

This article was some what short but sweet, but I thought I’d comment upon the results I’ve found! If you think the results would be different if you’d voted, let me know.


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