50 things guaranteed to happen during Freshers Week


rum tum

Ah, Freshers. A week or fortnight infamous for drunken disasters and loan obliterations. Here are 50 things that are guaranteed to go on.

  1. Someone will climb inside a washing machine at the launderette
  2. You will become best friends with someone for one night and then never speak to them again
  3. Someone will be violently sick in front of everyone
  4. You will get free condoms at the Freshers Fair
  5. And free pens
  6. And sign up to societies you never intend on going to
  7. You will have to drink a dirty pint
  8. You will get lost heading to an induction
  9. Someone will create a chunder chart and think they are hilarious
  10. They will then be the first name on said chunder chart
  11. Someone will make a basic cooking error and nearly cause a fire
  12. You will spend your first loan solely on clothes and booze
  13. Someone will have to be taken homeā€¦

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