Moving In Day 2015

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Moving in day 2015! It’s fair to say this day has been very different when comparing it to how first years moving in day went. This yeah, it was less stress and to be honest, more fun. Time for a little self post on how it’s been moving into this new house share. 

Let’s start by looking at how first year went. For those of you that don’t know I started first year by living in halls. Moving in day then was stressful and tiring yet exciting and thrilling all at the same time! This time last year I wouldn’t have moved in yet, it would have been around the 19th of September. On the day I moved in I had taken three cars with me, full to the brim of belongings (granted, probably a lot of stuff I didn’t need) and I gained the nickname ‘Three car George’ from the third years – which stuck for a while. Once I got there, these said third years showed me to my room and then me, mum, nan, my best friend and girlfriend of the time started moving everything in – this took along time. I remember being deflated due to the fact that my room was a lot smaller than we originally thought, therefore, it was a tight squeeze. However, there was a ‘safety meeting talk’ in one of the lecture halls so my mum sent me off to go to that and the rest of them unpacked the basics in my room to make it easier for me. By the time I came back, they stayed a little bit longer and then left, then it was Freshers!

Moving into this house share has been completely different.

Luckily when getting this house, my group was spilt however we ended up getting houses right across from each other. So, for the past couple of days I’ve been at my girlfriends, transporting stuff up slowly but surely. Today we finally got our keys so I was about to get all my stuff in quickly and spend more time getting my room set up, as you’ll be able to see some what in my cover photo for this article.

I started the day by waking up early in anticipation to go and pick up the keys for the new house. However, plans change and one of my house mates went to get them. Once he’d got them we started to move our stuff in.

Once in the house we checked it over for any damages so we could photograph them and report them to the landlord and then just spent a good few hours focusing on putting our rooms together and unpacking. My room is an L-Shape. As you walk in you have the desk on your left (a decent size, having my electronics on it) and then directly ahead of you is the window, the mouted TV is on the wall to the right and the wardrobe is the right and then the bed is round the corner to the left. All a decent size, it’s fitted all of my stuff nicely, so, I can’t complain.

It was a long day yesterday, to say the least.

However, we ended it with a group chinese in the new house.

Now, moving in day will bring with it a lot of memories and you’ll never forget it. It’s now time for some tips about moving in day!

  • Make sure you start looking early, that is key. Do not leave it until the last minute.
  • Don’t you think you have to move in with your whole flat, keep it to just a few.
  • Make sure you look at plenty of different options, don’t go for the first one you see.
  • Make sure you listen to what people say about different agencys, some are terrible and they won’t look after you or help, do your research.
  • Make sure you where you decide to live isn’t miles away from your university and going to end up costing you a hundred times more in travel costs.
  • Make sure you feel comfortable in the area and it’s worth the money.
  • Make it as homely as possible, make it feel like your home. 
  • Just remember you and your flat mates are living together so if you think the house is missing something that everyone could benefit from then suggest it and all chip in together.

These are my tips for you when it comes to moving in!


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