Preparing for Lectures

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After moving into my student house ready for second year to begin, my mind has now turned to preparing for lectures that start on the 29th of September (for me) and at the same time, catching up on sleep, I really need to get round to that!

Now this article is a little harder to write due to the fact that I’m studying a different course to most of you and what may apply to me when preparing for lectures, may not apply to you, therefore, I’ll cover what I’m doing personally and highlight any I believe could apply to any of you out there at the same time.

It’s been a couple of days since I moved into this new house now. It’s been very busy and time consuming and I’m very tired, however, it’s been good fun. Things are finally starting to settle down now and as they do, I’m starting to think towards my course that starts on September 29th. Here’s my little checklist that I know I’ve got to do:

  • Carry on reading my ‘reading list’ that I started during summer. The reading list wasn’t too long, but was quite costly. Though I read one book and started another, that’s as far as I’ve got so I’ve got to carry on!

– Quick tip regarding buying books for university! Most students will look towards Amazon when buying books and so they should but if like me on your first book buying experience, you’ll add them to your basket and sometimes the total can come up to £100, if not more. Instead of buying books brand new, when you go onto a page on Amazon notice that there are other users selling the books under ‘Used’ or ‘New’ and the prices vary and you may be able to save some money.

  • Sort my bag out for university, remove all of last years work and put it into a folder and then pack my bag ready. This usually consists of some pens and highlighters as well a notepad or two, also, a couple of the reading list books.
  • Buy some new clothes. For my course I wear mainly black tshirts and joggers so I need to purchase some more of them.
  • Look over my timetable, know when I’m going to be in and set some clear time to study / as well as work my work hours around that.

This list is no as extensive as I thought it was going to be. I guess it turns out that I’m already some what prepared for starting back university.

I remember when I was starting in first year I didn’t think I was going to be good enough at all compared to the rest of the people on my course. This scared the life out of me.

However, I remember a day or two before we started me and a couple of friends decided to email our lecturer and arrange to meet up for a coffee and have a chat about the course, this took so much weight off my shoulders because I was able to ask a lot of questions that I didn’t think I was going to be able too so if you are in a similar boat, don’t hesitate to contact your lecturer before your course starts – they’ll be more than happy to see you if they have the time.

The points I’d highlight for above if you’re just about to start your course is making sure you get your books early and don’t just try to buy from Amazon, there will be second and third years selling books from first year, try approaching them first. Get them in plenty of time and get reading! And basically… just be prepared for your course! Just as you ever would before!

Something I will add is that if you can afford it, buy an iPad. It doesn’t have to be the full sized one, I just got the mini and this helped me no end in lectures. I got in around Christmas and it’s helped so much ever since. I have Blackboard on there, all Microsoft apps and Dropbox. Therefore, I can write all my notes up on Word and then have them stored straight to Dropbox so I can access them no matter what device I am on. It helps no end and has made note taking so much quicker and easy. If you are going to buy one, either go to the Apple store and get student discount or when you are on campus and using the Wifi there, Apple picks up the student IP and gives you a discount when shopping online through their student section. Always worth a look!

To all of you, good luck with lectures!


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