Why Students Should Blog

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At this point, I’m a fair few entries and articles into my WordPress. I’ve had messages good and bad, both positive feedback and constructive criticism – all in all, it’s helped a lot and got me to where I am today! 

As of recent I’ve seen a lot of articles popping up on student websites entitled ‘Why Students Should Blog’ and I thought I’d add my contribution into this area and give my personal opinion on why I believe students, or anyone for that matter, should blog.

First of all, why I blog personally… 

Why I Blog

If you’ve read my ‘About’ page then you’ll already know a lot of what I’m about to say.

For a long time now, many years, I’ve spent evenings and days setting up profiles on Myspace, Bebo, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogspot, WordPress and so on and so fourth. On all of these profiles there has been times when I’ve attempted a little streak of blogging but it’s never gone very far. Why? I felt that there was no reason writer if nobody was reading them and I knew deep down nobody was reading them. Therefore every time I set something up, after a while, I’d delete it and I never got anywhere.

Then, it hit me. Just before university I decided to set up a WordPress dedicated to my journey through university. I didn’t even start off with writing articles for people, I just wrote for me. I stuck to what I started out to do and posted a intervals through my first year at university, whether people read them or not, it documented my time and was a good release and that’s why I started to write overall, because, it was a good release for me. I loved writing, I was just passionate about it and it helped me.

Then summer came and I changed the way I wrote, well, not entirely, but, instead of writing for me, I wrote for others… as well as me.

When summer came around, I was cleaning out my bookmarks and came across an old website called ‘The Student Room’. I started using the website again and helping people out and I turned back to WordPress as it had laid unused for a long period of time. Lovely but surely I started finding a release and joy in writing to help others. I slowly but surely starting getting myself back out there and writing for freshers and first years, second and third years and just anybody that needed help education wise and that’s why I am today.

I don’t write to please people. I don’t write to anybody’s standards or rules. I write because I want too, because I enjoy too and because I like helping people. Sure, it may not help everybody, but even if it helps one person, then fantastic!

Why You Should Blog

  • You can share your personal experiences, thoughts, feelings, views and more.
  • You may actually help people without even meaning too.
  • It’s a great release.
  • It doesn’t cost anything, it’s creative and productive.
  • You can write about anything and everything, whatever takes your fancy.
  • You can make it YOURS. Nobody elses, just yours.
  • You can choose any style to write in. You can write a poem, an article, a story, a play, just whatever takes your fancy.
  • You can do it as often or as little as you prefer.
  • It’s a good way to pass the time and be productive doing so.
  • It makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something.
  • There are multiple places you can post your work, WordPress, Wattpad, Blogspot, Tumblr etc.
  • It can be quite social and you can meet people who enjoy writing in a similar way to yourself.
  • You can make posts long or short or even a sentence.
  • It’s a great way of keeping a diary or documenting your day to day life in a more interestng way to pen and paper.

To be honest, the list is endless. Everybody can give you reasons why you should blog but to be honest, I think you’ve got to start a blog or just start writing to discover your own reason and as you can see, there are loads of reasons.

In this day and age it’s so easy to get your work out there and get people reading, it’s so easy to share your work on social media… why wouldn’t you? Make your mark on the internet even if it’s only ever so tiny.

Whatever reason you find to write, do it and enjoy it and don’t let anybody tell you differently.

As I’ve always said and it’s stated on my website, I welcome Guest Writers, head over to the link previous to read about how you can get involved.


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