Health at University

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Health at university. Something you probably haven’t really considered with all the stress of moving city, studying else where, having to make new friends, learn a new place and so on and so fourth. Oh, if you hadn’t guessed it. This is for people living away at university.

When moving to university it’s fair to say, for the majority I know, that you don’t really take into consideration what you are going to do if your health suddenly needs some attention! E.g. doctors, dentists and what not. What’s that? You aren’t worried because that’s all sorted at home? Yeah, that’s all good and fine but what if you can’t make it home? Yeah, that’s right. Time to move doctors! 

So you’ve moved to university, you are all settled in and getting ready to enjoy the start of your course. Feelings are probably up and down right now but overall you are having a great time and enjoying yourself. However, your freshers is coming to an end and you are starting to feel a bit, how do I put this? Crap. Under the weather and not yourself. You’ve put it down to all the drinking, junk food and messed up sleeping pattern and well, yes, that’s true. It’s a combination of all those things but I’m about to tell you something different… you are experience…


Yes, that’s right. That awful thing you’ve heard so many people complain about, you now have. Two interesting facts for you! ‘Freshers Flu’ is purely a term made up in the UK. It doesn’t really ‘appear’ anywhere else. It’s all ours! Second fact, ‘freshers flu’ isn’t actually anything. It isn’t a real thing. It’s just a term that’s been coined to fit a general feeling of crappiness.

I’m using this website for all this information: Save The Student

Like I’ve already said it’s a mix of:

– Mingling: You are meeting loads of new people from here, there and everywhere and basically, we all know how easily the common cold is contracted and theres your explaination. Everybody is carrying this ‘cold’ type ‘flu’ and it gets pass from person to person and then combined with the rest, it gets worse.

Lack of sleep: You are partying out till all hours, struggling to sleep because of home sickness or genuinely are watching Netflix till God knows what time and the messed up sleeping pattern is affecting your immune system, lowering it, making it easier to get colds.

Eating Junk Food: Easily recognised. Everybody, well the majority, eat pure rubbish during the first week of university. Of course not eating the right foods means you are getting this, that and the other that your body needs, again helping to lower your immune system.

Alcohol: Really need me to explain this?

Stress: Well again, you are moving out, moving here, there and everywhere and having to start a new course. It gets to you, even if you don’t realise it. Again, mix these together and you’ll be left feeling the following…

Symptoms: Shivering, Fever, Dry Cough, Sneezing, Headaches, Groggyness. Once these hit you, you’ll be stuck to your bed asking your newly found flat mates to bring your soup and tea and all the health healing drugs in the world.

How to cure? Drink LOADS of water, take paracetamol, vitamins, sleep, drink milk, chicken soup and last but not least what most do, man/woman UP!

Interestingly this ‘fake flu’ hits around 90% of all students around the first few weeks of university. It gets passed from person to person and then once you’ve had it, you’ll dread it and pass on your horry stories to the next first years.

So all of this is fun and games and going with the flow of starting university, however, what if things get more serious than this? What if you do need a doctor or you need a dentist and your home is a few hours away and isn’t just easy enough to jump in the car or get on a train? You need to look at getting a doctors!

When starting university, most universities give the details of the most local doctors and tell students how to apply and sign up for the doctors, if they do, take them up on it and get your details in and get that number saved on your phone! You just never know when you’ll need it! Also, if not, look out for your nearest walk-in centres. Always helpful! If your university doesn’t do this, just do a quick Google one night and if you can register online, fantastic! If not take some time out of one of your days to go and register. You will not regret it! I swear at some point I will take this advice, there was been times in first year when I’ve needed the doctor but due to my laziness I’ve had to go all the way home. I’m in the process of getting mine set up and I’m in second year. Don’t follow my example.

The next is if you need a dentist. This is a little more extreme but hey, who knows what silly accident will happen in freshers and you lose a tooth. It could happen. When I first started university I looked for a dentist and went an applied, I literally never heard from them but then again, I never followed them up. Jeez, I’m a bad example.

DO go on Google and find your local dentist and apply. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Also, extreme again, but KNOW where your local hospital is. You’ll never know when you need it if something goes wrong on a night out or if you need A&E quickly. 

University has it’s up and downs and your health should not be forgotten about. Of course I’m talking purely physical, university can affect people mentally as well but I will go into that in another article. Keep an eye on your health and keep yourself healthy.

It’s all fun and games until something goes wrong and then if you aren’t prepared, you’ll be wishing you were.

On a quick note: ‘The A Level Project’ has been shut down and the WordPress deleted as my friend who helped me run it is too busy, as am I, too keep the amount of content at a regular level. I run this blog therefore, I put this over priority. It may make an apperance again one day, however, thank you for the support showed there.


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