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Andre Roussimoff is a new writer to the Guest Writers section of my website, this is their first article and let me assure, the person who wrote this wishes to remain annoymous, therefore, has picked this alias. Welcome their first article.

A Level Help

First let me assure you that all of the opinions contained within this article are my own, apart from the ones that I’ve stolen from elsewhere, thought they were cool and will now pass off as my own, making me appear much funnier and wittier than I actually am……

Anyway enough of me, now to the point of this, and that point is, A Levels are hard, really hard, A Levels are an 18 year old man with a bloodstream full of Viagra and a handful of Mila Kunis films (no, not ‘Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves’ starring a 14 year old Mila – sicko) hard. But help is at hand, and just to make that clear I’m talking about successful A Leveling now, and that source of help is yourself. There’s simple things you can do which can make your A Level life so much easier, sooooo …………..

Step 1 – get yourself an A Level survival kit, much like a zombie survival kit, but instead of chainsaws, axes, the ability to run at more than 2 miles an hour and no desire to eat human brains, you’ll need folders, dividers, highlighters, cue cards and a selection of pens, like I say very similar…… try not to get them mixed up, Sixth Form colleges can be a bit funny about students eating other students but probably wouldn’t appreciate you turning up with a chainsaw, of course trying to fight a zombie apocalypse with a bright pink highlighter and an A4 Minions ringbinder is also not advised!

Step 2: get into good habits and get into them now, simple things like put dates on your work, make a note of what unit/topic the work relates to, file your work in an organized manner, see the essential items in step 1, start your revision now, yes now, right away, finish a lesson then read over your notes, highlight key points, make a cue card, read the cue card, then read it again, and again, and again and keep reading it (and the hundreds of others) from now until your exam, but please do stop there, don’t read your cue cards actually in your exam, that simply brings pain, anguish, failure and disappointment, much like your every attempt ever to ‘Netflix and Chill’ (no, just me then…….”of course I ACTUALLY wanted to watch all 5 million episodes of Gossip Girl really”)

Step 3: Don’t be afraid to ask for help, help is your friend. Struggling to understand ‘Hadrons are a group of particles composed of quarks. Hadrons can either be baryons or mesons. What is the quark structure of a baryon?’ is normal, (hands up who didn’t think it said ‘Hadrons’ the first time they read it),  but there are people specially trained that will understand, they’re called teachers, ask them then you’ll understand, then somebody else who doesn’t understand can ask you, and then they’ll understand and you’ll understand even more for helping them to understand, anyway you see where this is going, knowledge is power after all, so there is absolutely no shame in asking for help, even if you’ve never needed help in your previous 12 years of schooling, A Levels and help go hand in hand, like me and cake, cause I loves cake, which leads me onto Step 4.

Step 4: errr eat lots of cake, and by that I mean don’t eat lots of cake. Healthy body, healthy mind and all that, some foods can actually make you smarter, sort of. Oily fish, nuts, spinach, dark chocolate, red wine the list is endless, a simple google search will open up a treasure trove of brain bursting foods to eat, and as a good A Level student the ability to research is a must, so this can be task 1. Look them up, find the ones you like and eat them, although if your diet consists solely of red wine and Bournville chocolate then I feel my message has got lost in translation somewhere.

Right I’m pretty sure there’s a step 5, 6 7 and beyond to successful A Levelling, and maybe one day I will share them with you, but I, dear reader, are a champion procrastinator, so no promises made, actually maybe that’s Step 5 – don’t procrastinate, if you can do it now, DO.IT.NOW

Peas out

André Roussimoff


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