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It’s fair to say I haven’t really kept to the schedule I said I was going to, where I’d write on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I soon realised I hadn’t gave myself a lot of time to write articles in that space of time! I think I’m going to go back to posting articles as of when they come throughout the week, so, watch this space and you’ll get something to read.

Now, this article isn’t really an update about my second year at university, purely because I haven’t really started yet. This is more of an update about me living in the house for the past three weeks, however, that’s sort of exciting, right?

As I’ve just mentioned, it’s been three weeks (roughly) since I moved into the shared housing up in Lincoln. When I first moved in, second year starting seemed ages away, however, it’s now four days away and remember that reading list I told you all to read? Yeah well, I should have taken my own advice. I need to get reading over the next few days!

Anyway, back to this update…

We are three weeks into living in the student house and I can tell you, it’s a nice change than living in halls. As I’ve mentioned before, my time in halls had it’s ups and downs. (As I’m sure I’m not the only one). I must say though, these past three weeks in the house have been funnier and better than one year in halls. It’s a lot more comfortable and relaxed, the house dynamic is fun and everybody gets on well. It’s enjoyable. If you didn’t know already, I’ll remind you of the whole arrangement with the housing.

I live in a four bedroom house up in Lincoln. It’s four bedroom, two bathroom, living room, kitchen and decent garden area. There are two larger rooms and then two slightly smaller rooms. There is a decent sized living room and a small but longer kitchen. It’s a fairly modern house and lovely to live in. It’s everything you could want for a student house at a decent price.

Exciting news about this house, today we got to meet our landlord! We got two new sofas and now have a very comfortable living room, a lot of other arrangements were made and other items sorted out but this is the thing that excited me the most.

The shopping preferences have stayed the same meaning we all do the shopping together, which makes everything a lot cheaper and I’d suggest to anybody that they should do this. We use a website called ‘mySupermarket‘ which is like Compare the Supermarket meaning you can do a shop on this website and then it gives you the cheapest supermarket to buy the shopping from, currently, Asda has been the cheapest for us so far and like I said, it’s worked out cheaper with four of us doing a shop – therefore, try your hardest to shop with other people. Plan your meals and shop wisely – I’ve found actually going to the supermarket makes you buy things you don’t need. Then you can each individually buy the junk food you want!

Cleaning wise, when we moved in, the company that lets our house had a ‘cleaning rota’ on our notice board, we never thought to keep to it but we do our own bits. We did a ‘spring clean’ yesterday where one person hovered everything, another mopped, one person on both bathrooms and someone on the kitchen and we got it done fast. For students, we aren’t stereotypical students. We like to clean and keep things tidy. Therefore, if you are the same, just make sure every now and again you split the jobs and do it together. Trust me, your landlord will appreciate it.

Noise and what not? Not a problem like it was in halls! Me and my house mates are always up till the early hours anyway but once past a certain time, we all go to our rooms and just chill out anyway, we all have mutual respect for each other so it all works out really well.

One thing I would say if you are a second year student living in housing or a first year student preparing, just get to know your neighbours. When we first moved in, me and one of my flat mates went to each of our neighbours with our numbers, introduced ourselves and let them know they can approach us and contact as at any time if we were being too noisy or anything like that and it turns out they are lovely. Again, respect everybody. At the end of the day, you are a student. You are more than likely moving onto a street where the people there have been living for years, you are not better than them and they aren’t better then you, but you have to respect them and they’ll respect you. Create a nice atmosphere between you all and you’ll all get on and have a better time.

It’s been a good three weeks and already, I can’t wait to carry on the year living in this house.

However, like I said, lectures start on Tuesday. I don’t even know how to feel! I don’t feel prepared, even though I’ve already gone through first year. I’ve still got reading to do, prepare my clothes for lecture and what not – I know it’ll all come back to me naturally, it’s just getting back into the routine.

This was just a little general update. Just a quick thank you for all the readers and support I am continually receiving, it does mean a lot. Starting to receive more people wanting to take part in the Guest Writer section and I am looking forward to all that work that is coming my way. If you want to get involved head over to the Guest Writer section and read more.


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