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In the past twenty-four hours I’ve made a discovery I think you all need to hear about. Are you a student in first year, second year or even third year? Well, this website can benefit you all! It’s called ‘UniMarket’. What is ‘UniMarket’ I hear you ask? Well, let me explain and introduce to a website you’ll want to use.

UniMarket (link provided previous) is a website made for students, by students. Are you one of these students that is starting first year and suddenly realised that your reading list is going to force you to take out a small morgage? Or are you a second year student looking for some furniture to fill up your new student house? Maybe you’re a third year that wants to sell your previous years textbooks to younger students? If one of these if you then you won’t be a stranger to using the usual websites such as Amazon, eBay, Gumtree and maybe even posting to your univeristies Facebook pages in hope that someone will buy them off you and take it all off your hands.

Let me tell you something, you no longer have to go through all of that. This website is set up to enable students to buy and sell items from gig tickets to furniture on a website that is free and easy to use. Before I continue, hear how UniMarket explain themselves.

“You’ve heard the story a thousand times – some plucky young students find themselves in a sticky situation which sparks an awesome idea. It’s a cliché, we know, but we’re super proud of it. Left with so many textbooks, you could feed the world with knowledge and enough furniture to set up an outdoor home with, we knew we couldn’t have been the only ones and we had to do something about it.” (‘About‘ page continued).

How does it work? Well, if you head over to the website you are able to register/sign up here and register/sign up by using your university email portal. This ensures the website that you are a student and will help indentify which university you are from. Once registered you can sleep sound knowing that when advertising your items, you are advertising them to other students from around the UK. As I mentioned the creators of the site not long ago graduated themselves so they have a real connection for what students need and bearing in mind the sites been live a little over a week, it’s fair to say, more people need to be flocking towards this site. If you are looking to buy something then it has never been easier, you select which university campus you are looking to buy at and then select from the list of items that you are looking for (or use the convinent search bar), the full list of areas are: Furniture, Textbooks, CDs – DVDs & Games, Computers & Software, Audio – Stereo – Instruments, Mobiles, Clothes, TV’s, Events & Tickets, Kitchen Appliances, Freebies, Misc. As you can see there is plenty of options to choose from. A handy helpful feature they’ve added when buying items off the site is they list ‘popular hotspots’ known to the university such as ‘Boots Building’ at NTU or ‘Costa’ at Keele, they add this due to the fact they are popular, crowded and well known places where they will be safer to meet when exchanging items and cash. However, paying by cash in hand isn’t the only option, you can pay via Paypal. Much like the similar easy to use ‘Contact Buyer’ option on Gumtree (however a more difficult complicated option on Amazon & eBay) you can contact the buyer/seller directly even before purchasing the item – they encourage you to swap numbers or emails to make the whole process easier – and like I’ve already stated, you know it’s trust worthy because it’s students talking to students.

My favourite feature of this website is that unlike Amazon and eBay they take no % fee on your sale items. All the money you make from your items is all yours. Just want students want to hear, no hidden costs. Now, you aren’t just limited to your university. You can buy and sell to other universities however keep in mind that arranging for delivery/collection is completely your own responsibility.

In their own words:

“Generally, we’ve made the site really fun, easy and clean!”

As a student, this is website is something we’ve all been looking for! Also as most students are quite tech savy, there is even an app coming soon. However, you can still log into the website through desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Going back to the whole process, the product is made once the seller accepts your request to buy. As students you are more than likely to know the people in your halls, or from societies and obviously from your course so it makes it easier as oppose to being harder to keep up with people who have an interest in your product.

Speaking as a second year student, I honestly do believe this is one of the best student websites out there. Like I said, it’s been live just over a week and a lot of univeristies are yet to hear about this website and start getting involved with it. I think there is a lot of potential for this buying/selling unique student website. I personally believe you’d be silly to continuing using Amazon, eBay or Gumtree etc – this website is for students, by students. It’s a website that’s been needed for a while.

All this writing boring you? Just glanced over it? Well, here’s everything I said in handy diagram form from the website itself:


Want to keep up to date with all the latest information from the website? Well, guess what, they are firmly set with all their social media.





This website is a safe bet and you can’t go wrong. I’m registered and ready to go. I can’t wait to start buying and selling through this website.

If you are a student, go and check it out and you’ll see how useful it really is. For one last time, here’s the website link, you’d be silly not to give it a click.



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