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Smoko approached me asking if they could provide an article for the website to talk about cutting down on smoking at university and also saving yourself a little money with their company and their e-cigs. Welcome their article!

Stop Smoking While Attending University

Student life is the time to really enjoy – make new friends, explore new horizons, squeeze in as many parties as possible, all while trying to get your degree! However, when you attend university, your tuition expenses coupled with costs for room and board, study material, food, etc. usually add up to an exorbitant amount.

Smart Money-Saving Tips

That is why you need to come up with innovative ways to stretch your money instead of spending recklessly and barely scraping till the end of the month. There are several ways to put some extra cash aside to ensure you don’t have to struggle and also enjoy your uni experience. Here are a few tips:

  • Curb all impulse buys.
  • Limit the number of take-aways.
  • Cut down on smoking or switch to an alternative like electronic cigarettes.
  • Flatshare – spread the cost of your living expenses.
  • Buy 2ndhand books and don’t buy school supplies you don’t need.
  • Opt for generic items instead of branded ones.
  • Use Student discounts when you can

Out of all these, smoking and drinking are perhaps the costliest and most difficult habits to quit. Even if you continue to indulge in the occasional drink at parties, smoking can be given a miss. Here’s how it affects you:


Constantly puffing on cigarettes give you bad breath and that lingering smell on your clothes. Heart attacks and strokes re occurring frequently among university goers these days, and one of the common reasons is excessive smoking that clogs the arteries. Gum and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is yet another side effect of smoking. It can also increase the risk of throat, mouth, and lung cancer later in life. Women should be even more cautious as it can impact them later as it boosts the chances of miscarriage, cervical cancer, and complications during pregnancy and delivery.


If a pack of cigarettes cost £9, you could be spending up to £270 every month.  That’s a lot of money that could be spent down at the pub.  By switching to an electronic cigarette can save approximately £210 in a month!!  After 4 years of uni, the money that you save using e-cigarettes could put £10,000 towards an amazing uni experience.  Or even paying off your student loan.

We understand it is difficult!

Yes, it is easier said than done. If all your mates are still lighting up, it can be hard to say no.  But the growing trend is to switch to e-cigarettes or to quit altogether.  Student life is definitely about having fun and living life to the fullest, but it doesn’t mean you have to burn all your extra disposable cash on cigarettes.

To save money, please try to use student discount vouchers or coupons, and shop from student-friendly places where they offer great deals on food and groceries if you show them the university ID. You might be able to save big on books as well.

So enjoy the experience, spend wisely, socialize like crazy and look for ways to do things differently.

This is an article provided by Smoko, a premium provider of e-cigarettes and e-liquids.

For more information please visit: and to get your e-cig starter pack visit:


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