‘Do lecturers have enough time for their students?’

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Hello students one and all, where have I been I hear you ask?

Well, I’ve been at university, job interviewing and plenty more. Just continuing with second year and so on. I haven’t really had an inspiration to write an article recently but there will possibly be some work appearing soon.


A couple of days ago I have an email from ‘Times Higher Education’ (if you haven’t heard of them, find them here) explaining how they’d come across this blog and in turn asked if I’d be interested in contributing towards their site. Their subject for the work was as the title states: ‘Do lecturers have enough time for their students?’ – Now it wasn’t a topic I’d really ever covered before and possibly something I will continue to work on in the future but for now, I had plenty to say, read below:

“In my experience, yes: I do believe that lecturers have enough time for their students. On my course, you can email a lecturer at almost any point during the day and you’ll get a reply, always within 24 hours. If you want a meeting, you’ll definitely get one within that week. My lecturers always go above and beyond to help us in the best way possible – and they’ll always go above and beyond to provide us with resources, contacts and much more.

However, saying that, we are always aware of how much they have to do outside lectures. Our lecturers continuously have to write reports, go to meetings (some are not even in the city so they are travelling much further), mark assignments and so on. We have our deadlines to meet, and they have a lot of their own. Lectures have to do a lot behind the scenes, as well as teaching other classes. It’s outstanding the number of hours they put into their work. I do believe that, slowly and surely, lecturers are having more and more pressure put on them. They have to ensure their students are meeting certain levels, they have to achieve quotas for a term or a year and if they don’t, it reflects badly on them. They have to teach us to a particular standard so that they can prove we are learning from them, and the list goes on. I personally believe that as there is more pressure on lecturers to achieve outside the lecture hall, it’s going to start to affect what they achieve in the lecture hall.”

I wasn’t the only person to contribute to this article and if you fancy a read of the rest of the article and what everybody else had to say, find the article listed here.

Keep an eye out for more articles on their way soon!

Keep studying hard and partying even harder!

  • JustGeorgeJ

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