What Am I Learning So Far?

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As I’ve mentioned countless times before when writing, when starting this WordPress, I never intended for it to go as far as it has. It began with the soul intent to focus on my journey through university and continued as a platform for me to escape to during first year when I needed to relieve stress. However as the story goes, summer came and before second year began, this WordPress took life in the way it did. I started to write for students and about students. 

These days topics for articles are running thin. Since opening up my blog to ‘Guest Writers’ both professional and non-professional, I receive emails on the daily from companies (both big and small) wanting to post an article or wanting me to write an article for them and it’s a lot to take on to be honest, so, I sort of stockpile it unless I come across something that takes my fancy. Therefore, I have a lot of that I could post but again, just don’t. I prefer as much as possible to post content that I’ve written as I feel my readers, you guys, deserve that – so back to what I was saying, topics for articles are running thin. I have to rack my brains to find something to write about – something that I haven’t already written before and it’s difficult because I believe at this point, I’m always going to be writting about something I’ve covered, but, I have to hope I take a different approach or view to it.

So, back to the question, what am I learning?

If you don’t understand, let me clarify by stating that I’m not going to inform you or bore you with what I am learning on my course. This is more about the ‘life lessons’ I am learning. I wouldn’t even call them ‘lessons’, it’s just what I’m learning with each day that passes during second year.

  • Time flys.

Time literally does fly by. I’ve always known this to be some what true but it’s crazy how fast time goes at university. It seems like only yesterday that I was starting at university in first year, experiencing freshers week, new friends, a new course, a new city and just having everything new and exciting but now, I’m half way through my time here, in a student house and terrified about the future because I don’t know what the next step is going to be. No matter how hard you try, you can’t hold onto a single moment, but you can hold onto the memory. Cherish every moment, be it big or small when you’re in it, and then hold on it because they are what you look back on. Even in second year.

  • You’ll always need mum!

I’ve discussed me suffering with little illnesses whilst being at university before but since being here I hadn’t had the flu, until a couple of days ago. Usually my housemates see me lounging around in bed all the time after lectures so questioned why I complained about being in bed whilst being ill, but this is something I continually kept saying. When I chose to be in bed, that’s fine because I know I can get up and do things when I want, when I’m ill and phyiscally can’t move from bed, I hate it. It’s like when your ill at home, your mum always knows what to bring you. Also, just at the right time. Trying to look after yourself is bloody difficult – but I have some fantastic housemates that looked after me. Just trust me, you’ll always need your mum. I was ringing her a lot.

  • You’ll experience stress like never before.

I’ve never been good with stress and even though I’d been warned so much about stress before getting to university, I never really comprehended it. It just one day happened and it was a weight on my shoulders I wasn’t prepared for. I think, even now, I’m still learning with how to deal with that stress and I didn’t realise what stress can do to your body, but it’s an awful lot and you have to make sure you take care of yourself and have down time.

  • Sleep.

What is sleep? Pft. (Is this joke getting old yet?)

  • Money.

I don’t even know what to say about money. Sometimes you have loads of it, sometimes you have very little. It just seems to come and go without any control, no matter how much you try and control it. You just have to try your best to try and budget and just see where things go from there. Just live student life.

Well, that’s that, keeping this post short and sweet. 

Like I said, it’s important to try and keep these posts short and sweet, that way I can break them down and it enables me to write more posts similar to them but spreading the content.

God, you’ve got to love this pure fountain of wisdom that I am. (That was a joke).


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