We’ve Reached the Break

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At this point second year at university is coming to a close. There is one more semester left and second year will be over and then third year will come crashing in and before I know it, I’ll be knee deep in work for that.

As you know second year has been busy for me. Extremely busy. Then again, when is there a time at university when you aren’t busy? However, as the title suggests, we’ve finally reached the break. Easter! For me that literally means sleeping. Sleep is something I seem to have lost my grip on since being at university – well, it’s helped with losing the grip. Therefore this Easter is catching up on sleep and watching the £60 worth of Blu-Ray’s I bought from HMV the other day… pft, who says students don’t know how to spend their money? I need student finance to come in ASAP, but then again, what student doesn’t?

We may have reached the Easter break but that does not meant the work stops. For me it means that I still have an awful lot today, again, that’s not specific to me – everyone is in the same boat. I have a fair amount of university work still under my belt that I’ve got to get but at the same time, I’ve starting my new job at a brand new company in Lincoln. I’ve been waiting so long for this opportunity and been fighting through the interview process to get where I am. It’s been a couple of days of training and various events and now it’s nearly time to start and it’s like a dream come true – however, just training to maintain the balance between work, uni and social – not always easy. So in essence, I need to take some time to actually get on top of everything – this isn’t a break, just giving me some more free time to do my work – e.g. sleep.

At this point, I can’t believe how fast university has gone. I’m coming to the end of my second year, third year is soon to start and then what? I haven’t got that planned yet – I have rough plans but nothing major.

This post is short and sweet but it was just a little update, as, like I’ve said, I’m on my Easter Break.


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