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A couple of days ago I was approchaed by a lovely woman called Natalya Frantz who helped set up the application called ‘Tigli’. Natalya had found my WordPress and recognised how student orintated my blog was and asked whether or not I’d like to test out a new app they had created, and from the post I am writing, you can tell I did indeed test this app. What is it and why did I decide to test it? Well, this is what Natayla said that sold me:

“Tigli is a relationships manager, or you can say, it is like Runkeeper for relationships. How is works? Easy. You add your friends into your network. Tigli shows you your progress bar with each friend. The more you meet the fuller it gets. If your relationship goes soft, Tigli reminds you to get back in touch.”

However before I go into my experience with this app, I will give some information on ‘Tigli’ and the people who went into creating it and why they did so.

So, just how did Tigli start up? This is what the founder Viktor Frantz (CEO) had to say:

“I, Viktor initially started Tigli while I was undetaking my studies in the UK, as I found it tough to keep up with all the great people I was meeting throughout various activities. I started developing the IOS version at that time, with the help of Natalya, who took care of the design and also takes on the marketing position… I had developed a solid MVP, however I wanted to gain in performance and optimise the app as much as possible. I had previously worked in several startups while my stay in the UK, and I managed to acquire a small captial that could allow me to get going and optomise my product.”

Who was involved in setting up the app?

“Viktor Frantz, the founder of Tigli and IOS developer, Natalya Frantz (Shvalyuk) – Marketing and Design, Pierre de Conihout and Phillippe Auriach – Techie Geniuses (Android and IOS).

When did was Tigli set up?

“We started in September 2015 and launched IOS version late March 2016. Android version is coming soon.”

Why was Tigli set up?

“The idea was initially born from a personal need. As I was struggling to keep up with my connections, as I very much enjoyed participating in different activities and meeting new people, I realised that as time is limited, seeing someone comes at the opportunity cost of seeing somebody else. I found it challenging to keep up with everyone I wanted, and I did not like to sometimes realise that I had not met with someone in a while. In addition, I find online social networks have their uses, but they’re quite time consuming and I find virtual relationships ‘dishonest'”.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 19.07.41

Was this the original idea? Has it changed any?

“Since Viktor has come up with the idea for Tigli, it has never changed. However, we were only worked towards making it better, by optimising it and making it easy. Right now, we are working on some adjustments, so that it will be easier to connect with friends. The update is coming in the following week.”

What are your hopes for the app?

“We hope that the app will help people, friends meet more often in real life because no social network can replace a fun evening in a company of friends, laughing about something cool. And we do hope that people of different age groups will use it, despite the fact that we are mostly targeting university and former university students.”

View screenshots of the app in action below:

I first tested this app two days ago. I downloaded it and began to explore. I began by setting up a profile through my email address – set up was easy and stressless. I was on the app within seconds. I then navigated to the profile area and changed my picture and look at the abilities to connect my Facebook account to it etc. There are various other options that you can edit within the settings menu – much similar to what you’d find in other applications allowing for smooth use of the Tigli app. I began by adding Natalya and using the app speaking to her and arranging this article being written. It was easy to use and notficiations popped up on my phone allowing me to know I had a message.

I continued to ask a couple of my friends to download the app and use it with my for a couple of days. At first me and my first friend had an extremely easy time using it and it was a good communication – however, seeing as we see each other on the daily, we don’t have a great need for this app at this current time. My other friend and myself discovered a few problems with the app – at first, we couldn’t find each other even though we searched by username and email – however this could be due to the internet connection in our house at the time. Though later on, we were finding it difficult to receive messages from each other and that raised a cause for concern. However, it seems to have fixed itself now. Again, there is a handy ‘shout’ message feature in which you can send a message to all of your contacts in your area etc (similar to that of BBM and Broadcasting messages) and it’s an easier way of doing a shout out, for example: “Is anybody up for the pub?” and people can reply accordingly. Although I have no great need for this application right now, it will definitely be something I return to after leaving university to keep in contact with people. The one unique thing that I love about this app is that it was had a ‘measurement’ bar in which it builds up more depending on how much communication you have with the person. If it drops too low then it notifys you and asks if you’d like to chat to them and I really like this feature down to the fact it’s going to be useful to keep up with people when everyone is leading their busy lives after university.

In conclusion I believe it’s a fantastic new, emerging application that has great potential with the right marketing and with a lot more student testers. It’s one of those apps that university students should download and have on their phones. As I’ve covered I’ll be using Tigli to keep in touch with friends as the years go on and after university.

Find links below to the multiple social platforms that Tigli uses:

Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Youtube / Wesbite / AppsStore










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