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As of this moment there is two weeks left of this term, which in so many words means, two weeks left of second year. It feels like only yesterday I was a Fresher and now here I am, over half way through my university career with one year left till I graduate and to be honest, I don’t know how to feel about it. It’s gone by in the blink of an eye and I feel like I’ve got whiplash from how fast it’s gone. Where did I go after this? A gap year? A PGCE? A Masters? Who knows. (Well, I should probably know to be honest).

As second year as progressed I’ve posted various articles here and there (which you can find elsewhere on this WordPress, under various headings) and it’s detailed the journey I’ve gone through so far – as while as including information, advice and hints and tips as well. It seems weird to think nearly a year ago I was posting an article about moving into the new student house and now I’ve been here for what seems like ages and now getting ready to have a well deserved break.

Therefore this article is to recap some of the lessons I’ve learned throughout my second year or the lessons I’ve improved upon from first year. So, here we go…

  • Time: Time flies by with the blink of an eye and before you know it, you’ve completed another year at university and are questioning, what did you even do? It becomes mixed up with a blur of stress, alcohol and late night work.
  • Time (Continued): No matter how well you plan out your timetable and work load, you’ll never truly grasp the ability to complete it by the deadlines you set or start it when you thought you would.
  • Word Load: You’ll always under estimate your work load. You’ll think you’ll know what you have to do and have it down to perfection but then you’ll find out about another assignment you have to write or something else you have to add to a already written assignment and so on. 
  • Stress: Stress appears out of no where. One moment you feel on top of everything and next thing it’s hitting you like a ton of bricks. The worst thing about stress is that it can affect you in so many different ways especially health wise and you can end up making yourself panic… which causes more stress. It’s a ricious circle. Which leads me onto…
  • YOU: Make sure you are making time for yourself. Every now and again you just need to take a FULL day to yourself. Lay in, have a drink or two, read a book, watch your favourite film, travel home (if possible), visit friends, go out – but just have fun away from all work and enjoy yourself. Have a break!
  • Health: Health is always a big one for university students – all I’ll say is, don’t do what I do everytime you get ill – don’t search your symptoms because you’ll convince yourself that you are dying. Make sure you are registered to a doctors in the area of your university and make sure you always know the number and if you start to feel really ill and it isn’t going away, just book an appointment and get it over and done with! Don’t make yourself worse by panicking! 
  • Online Shopping: Online food shopping = FANTASTIC! Online random-junk shopping = BAD! Doing your food shop online is fantastic because it means you don’t all have to pile to the shop, spend loads on bags that will break and buy things that you absolutely don’t need but it also means you get it delivered to your door therefore, no time spent going out. However, buying random junk online drains your money because you think you need it but you really… really… really don’t. (We’ll all do it anyway – yes, I needed the £30 ukulele I bought when I was drunk.
  • Course: Enjoy your course! There are going to be aspects of it you love and aspects you hate or find challenging. There are going to be things you find easy and others you’ll find hard but love every moment of your course and don’t waste it!
  • Notes: Take ALL the notes. Never stop, just keep taking notes and store them into different modules so in the future, you can always refer back to the work you did and use it. Even the littliest thing may come in handy, you never know.
  • Opportunities and Experiences: Throughout the course you will meet different people who can provide you with opportunities and experiences useful for your future. Don’t say NO! Take the opportunity and gain the experience and you never know where it’ll get you. You may get an extended placement if you prove yourself or key experience that a competitor may not have when applying for a job in the future. Make the most of all the contacts you make at university, they can help you and you can help them.
  • Hobbies: Gain a hobby! Whether it’s reading or collecting something or being creative – anything like that. Gain it and do it because it ties in with giving yourself a break. It gives you something else to work on that isn’t something at university. Also if it’s being creative – you can sell it and make yourself a bit of money. Who knows, use your initiative! 

These are some of the most important points I can think of! – at this moment and time. (It is late, give me some slack!). These points have grown from first year or developed in second year and they are all key (to me). To you, you may have your own or you may not agree with some of mine but these are my personal ones and you may understand them, you may not – but I feel it’s important to share them.

All in all, second year has been a challenge. There has been areas I’ve really enjoyed and other areas that I’ve found completely and utterly a huge challenge. These have been the difficult moments and I’ve had to push myself – but with my little rules, I’ve kept myself going. Of course, friends and family have been a huge support as well – that’s always important. I didn’t include that in the rules as I feel it should be common knowledge to always use the people around you for support. Help each other! The point I keep making is that second year has gone so fast and I’m terrified that third year is going to go just as fast and that’s it, my whole university experience will be over and I’ll feel lost. I’ve made some fantastic friends and had some amazing memories and they will stay with me for a life time – as well as learning a lot from my lectures and lecturers.

There is two weeks left of my second year and in that time I still have a Street Theatre performance to carry out and a Street Theatre assignment to write… which I probably should start.

Over summer I intend to up the content posted on this WordPress for potential students, Freshers and current students – I may revisit past content or write completely content but I want to help YOU. Sure, when I’m writing for my blog I write for me in one way but on another part I write for YOU my audience. Therefore if you have any suggestions on a topic you’d like me to write about either ‘Like’ and comment on my Facebook page: JustGeorgeJ, or ‘Follow’ me on Twitter: @JustGeorgeJ_UNI and Direct Message me or email me directly on: justgeorgej@outlook.com – whatever you feel is best, just say it! The more ideas the better, maybe even the weirder ideas the better. Think outside the box!

For each and every student out there at the moment, enjoy the rest of your educational year as it comes to an end and good luck in all your assessments, assignments and whatever else you might be doing. Again, don’t feel afraid to talk to me if you have any worries!

For now, make sure your pushing for those top grades!

– JustGeorgeJ


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