Why Did I Choose My Course?

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Whilst sitting here on this lovely hot summers day I’ve been debating what to write next for my blog, then it occured to me, throughout everything I’ve posted I’ve never written anything about why I choose the course that I’m studying. Therefore, I thought why not write about that now. Granted, I’m two years into my course and going onto my third and final year, but, no time like the present to tell you!

I’m aware this article isn’t advice as such but after running a poll on my Twitter – personal experiences is something that readers want me to write about, and besides, reading this may help those who haven’t yet choosen their course and debating when you know it’s the right course for you. Who knows!

Right, let’s take a step back to late 2013 / early 2014. I was still in sixth form at college in my final year studying ICT, English Literature and Drama (Theatre Studies) after dropping Art after my first year of sixth form. From a young age I’ve always loved technology and computers, therefore I was certain (100% convinced) I was going to go on and study Computer Science at university. This was always the plan.

Baring in mind I started my ‘drama career’ pretty late on. I’ve started GCSE’s by studying Business Studies, Graphic Design, Art and ICT alongside the usual academic studies – but half way through year ten, something didn’t feel right. I’d made a bad decision by not choosing drama – I knew I had to change. However the opportunity to change the courses you’ve chosen is a two week window at the beginning of term – this was half way through the year. However, I spoke to the drama teachers and the head of subjects and suddenly I found myself studying drama – I’ve been chucked in at the deep end and was coming out with decent grades from the get-go. I was finally challenging myself and studying drama as I’d always wanted to do.

Anyway, back to sixth form. At this point, I’d only been studying Drama for four years but I was loving it. I was getting good grades and loved every aspect of the course. It was approaching the time where we had to apply for UCAS and choose what we wanted to study and at this point, studying ICT at A Level had killed my passion for it and made me realise it wasn’t what I wanted to study where as studying Drama at A Level had only increased my passion for it and made me want to continue – it was time to start looking at studying drama at university! This made sense. However, I knew that I was no where near good enough for an acting school – it wasn’t my passion to achieve a place at one of these as for me, drama isn’t just about the acting. My passion existed in every aspect of the genre. After a while I had my four universities lined up: De Montfort University, Staffordshire University, Bishop Grosseteste University, University of Derby (which I applied for two on two separate courses). After a while I received invitations from all universities: I went to De Montfort University for an open day (never an interview for my course), I went to Derby University (for an interview and small look around) and then finally Bishop where I went to countless open days and my interview – I knew this was the place. I was that confident that I dropped Staffordshire and the others – I had BGU as my firm and Derby as my insurance. Receiving an unconditional offer from both. As fate would have it, I got my grades and before you knew it, I was starting Bishop Grosseteste University – and the rest of the story, well, you know!

So, how did I know my course was right for me?

Well, during the process of finding a course I went to a university fair at Loroughborough University – I aimed to speak to all the univeristies I was interested in – all of them replied with the same thing “Read the prospectus”… I’d already done this? I wanted more information, none of which they could give me. Then I came across BGU and the girl on the stall actually studied Drama and I spoke to her for half an hour about my course – straight away, BGU was on my radar. From there, I went to an open door. The minute I arrived I turned around to my mum and said “This is the place, this is where I want to study, I know it is”. The campus was small and homely, it was beautiful and all so easy to navigate around – the city centre was a 5-10 minute walk around and everything was so easily accessible. Not to mention it was an easy one hour drive from home. After attending the open day – I later attended my interview for my course. In which I had countless interviews and then at the end of the day, spoke with the lead of the course and other potential students. After this, I knew it was everything I was looking for.

The course I was looking at was of course ‘Drama in the Community’. As mentioned before, I wasn’t looking for a drama school because I’m not a fantastic actor but this university could cater for my skills and continually improve them whilst teaching my new things. It wasn’t souly on the acting – it was a lot of learning the ‘community’ aspect of it. Learning to work with different ability groups from various communities, learning new skills and learning to study new cultures and their techniques. I knew this course was where I’d thrive. The tutor was lovely and was always at hand to talk to. Originally I applied for “Education Studies and Applied Drama” – after my interview, I emailed the tutor and immediately changed to the course I’m doing now. Now I’m writing it, it’s difficult to explain why this course was for me because at the end of the day… “I just knew”. This course was everything that I was looking for. Everything in my head that I’d been thinking had been brought to life in this course. Everyone was friendly, the university was lovely and as I’ve said, I knew it’s where I wanted to be. I wanted to live here and I wanted to study here.

I choose my course because at the end of the day, it felt right. I didn’t care about statistics or what they were achieving or where they were ranked because this university fitted to me. It’s what I wanted. I knew it’d do right by me.

Many people see my course as a ‘Micky Mouse’ course and this angers me, entirely. Just because they think their degree is worth more, they think they have the right to criticise my course – let me put it in a way I tweeted the other day:

“If I ever hear anyone refer to my degree as a ‘Micky Mouse’ course, I will kick you in the teeth, I’d love you to see what we have to do.”

Maybe a little harsh, but it’s the truth. Other people think my course it easy but I can guarantee 99% of people wouldn’t be able to survive doing what we did. It takes a special kind of person to study what we do and it takes a certain amount of passion. This is an argument I’d quite happily have now, but honestly, it isn’t worth it at this point.

Everybody chooses their course because it’s their passion – apart from others who do it because they’ve been pressured into it by their parents etc but at the end of the day, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do and nobody has the right to question or criticise that decision.

Well, I certainly went off point a bit here!

All in all, this is why I choose the course I am currently studying. Purely because it felt right and I knew then and there it is what I wanted to do.

Always follow your passion and don’t let anybody tell you differently.

As I’ve said, from this point, you know the rest of the story!


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