Second Year: Study or Party?

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To be honest, I would have thought this was pretty self-explanatory. The answer to the question, Study or Party, in second year is obviously study… well, maybe.

Yet again I was sitting here question what to write about in order to post another article and therefore start providing some regular content for my readers – it’s fair to say, I’d hit a wall. I began to look back over the various areas of my website and came across an article I’d written in first year called: ‘First Year: Study or Party?’ – an article that the time, was a valid question. However, throughout my second year at university I went out a fair bit and then there is others that I know that went out an awful lot – therefore, I believe the question still stands, Second Year: Study or Party?

So, what is it, Study or Party?

As I said in the obvious answer should be study. Purely down to the fact that its second year and the grades you acquire actually count for something now – so everything you do should be about tackling the deathly weight load of work you have to do – therefore, you should continually be studying. As second year students, what do we do? We managed to balance the both! Well, at the end of the day, it’s down to the individual person and I can’t speak for everyone – I’m going off of personal experience and what I’ve witnessed. Again, what I witnessed was a lot of people learning to balance the ability to both study and party. Is there anything wrong with it? No. Is it a good thing? Yes. Often employers and universities are looking for someone with good academic records (obviously) with potential but at the same time they are looking for interesting people. People who have a life and can balance education, social and work life. It doesn’t come easy to some people. Therefore, if going out and ‘partying’ is being social, let it be.

Whilst going through second year I saw the ‘party’ option a lot between friends. Not because they just decided they want to go out and get drunk (well, not all the time) but because it was a release. Think about it, you’ve had a tough week at university – you’ve been in long lectures and glued to text books and a laptop screen, now all you want to do for one night is let loose. Let off some steam. What better way than to go out and party!

People will always argue that second year should really be when you start knuckling down but as I’ve said, if you can find the balance then personally I don’t see anything wrong with it. I think it’s needed – everybody feels the need to release in a different way – everybody deals with the stress of university in different ways – but at the end of the day, a good old night out with friends is a good cure to a stressful week!

My answer to this question, quite obviously, is both!

During my second year I did a lot of time studying, granted about half of it was at the last-minute but what better time to do your work? But nonetheless, I still found time to have a couple of decent nights out with my friends and my God, were they good nights out! I always made sure I had completed certain amounts of work that needed to be completed and therefore could judge how drunk I could get (don’t judge me – alcohol math is a thing) and then go from there and enjoy my night. Some nights I could drink more than others – but if you know how to deal with your own hangover then you can take whatever life throws at you the next day… or get back to writing an assignment for 24 hours of the day until you acquire that sweet bliss of falling back into bed. The whole process of studying and partying and everything else in between (university basically) is, in its entireity, a very messy cocktail. (I know what you’re thinking, alcohol reference, really?) University is about learning to balance a lot of different areas at once and only a very small amount of people ever achieve it but if you’re like the rest of is, you won’t achieve and always be dedicating too much time to one thing or another. It’s a vicious trap – it’s all a trick university is, I tell you!

As I’ve already covered I believe if you can keep track of your work and keep on top of it and know what you’re doing, then why shouldn’t you be able to go out during second year? You’re still at university after all and should still be going out and enjoying your time there – making memories and what not.

The real interesting question is going to rise when I put forward the same question in third year. THIRD YEAR: STUDY OR PARTY? I think the answers there will be hilarious – it’ll be partying to forget the crushing deadline of the dissertations. All in all, I’ve rambled on about what I personally believe and what I’ve seen – again, at the end of the day, it’s down to you – my readers. What do you think? In second year should you study or party?


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