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In the latter part of last year I was approached by someone called Brain from a website called ‘Analyze – AcademicHelp’. At the time, I had no idea what this website was and to begin with, I didn’t reply as I was so busy with university however, now, I had some free time so approached Brain a couple of weeks back in order to begin a partnership with him. After a long time, I finally have a review ready of the website – continue reading for more information. 

Let’s begin. I can imagine you’re questioning, “What is Analyze – AcademicHelp and why are you writing about it for us to read?” – well, I can answer that.

Analyze is, as they state, a ‘professional essay editing’ tool. It’s a place where you can upload an assignment (essay) and have a real life professional read through your assignment and provide feedback for improvements.

Upon setting up an account on the Analyze website, you then put ‘credit’ onto your account, e.g. money. However, the account is American so everything is in dollars unfortunately – I’m hoping a UK of the website is announced soon as I believe it’d be a big help for a specific demographic of students in the UK. Once you’ve added money to your account you can upload your assignment that you want marked and go through some steps in order to get it marked. You are paying for your assignment to be analysed and feedback provided – you only pay for the parts of the assignment that are completed. Once uploaded – you are put into the process of finding someone to mark your essay. This took around 24 hours for myself – once found, I was sent an email notification explaining that someone had been found. Something important to note is that I was continually receiving email notifications about the process of my assignment being marked – which is something I found positive. Once someone had been found I could view my uploaded assignment and chat to the person marking it through a live chat which I found extremely useful. You can ask them questions, explain areas of your assignment, express worries for certain areas and so on and so fourth. A really helpful tool. Once completed, you will receive a notification that allows you to know you can now view the marked version – you will be taken to a page where you can view all feedback and so on and once you are happy – you can release the payment to the person that’s marked your assignment and then you are sorted! You have an assignment back – with a mark scheme they’ve marked by as well as feedback so you can track your progress and see where they believe you are heading and what kind of level you are at.

I personally believe all in all that this website is an extremely useful tool. If you are really struggling and questioning with the level you are working at – submitting your assignment to this website and having them analyze it is helpful and efficient. They work to get the assignment back to you as soon as possible and overall – they are reasonably priced for student. I’d argue that the price for having someone mark your assignment is equal to the price of one nights takeaway. If you’re that worried, it’s worth it. The support that you receive from this website is fantastic. Everybody is lovely that talks to you and are all there to provide support with your essays – again, you only pay for what is completed on your assignment. Also, this is a service that you can use over and over.

Therefore, all in all, I believe it’s a website and service that will be extremely useful for students – from freshers to third years.

If you have any questions about the website, head over to my Facebook and message me.

I’d urge heading over to the website and checking it out: Analyze


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