Summer Work / Get A Job & Earn Some Money

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Or don’t… you don’t have too. That’s up to you. 

Why am I suggesting working during summer? Well, during GCSE period and ‘main school’ – I never worked through summer and the thought never even crossed my mind but when I got to college and certainly at university, this time declared as ‘summer’ which was meant to be ‘free’ time was now available as ‘work-your-ass-off-and-earn-loads-of-money’ time… Yeah, sounds about right to be honest.


During the beginning of my college career I worked part time at Dunelm and then after a while I changed to WHSmith and worked there for the duration of my college career. WHSmith was a handy little part time job. I managed to work every weekend and do plenty of hours during summer – meaning I could provide for myself and actually afford things for myself. However, when I got to university (during First Year only) I had a fair amount to live off that was purely provided by Student Finance England therefore, I didn’t see the need in a job – I could live and treat myself at the same time, quite easily.

When I got to Second Year however, my money situation changed. My accommodation was by fair more experience that it used to be, therefore, I was a little more ‘strapped’ for cash. Luckily, I managed to be supported by my loving mother and get a small sum per week on top of what little I had in order to keep me going. After a while, I decided it was time to get a job! After a few failed attempts I finally found my career beginning at Halfords!

So, why do I personally think it’s a good idea to get a job during summer? (or any part time job for that matter at any time!)

  • Earn yourself a little extra cash!
  • Those extra pennies can go towards treating yourself!
  • It gives you a change of routine and scenery.
  • It can teach you a new skill set.
  • Allows you to mix with new people and make new friends.
  • Share your previously existing skills and talents.
  • Fuel your drinking problem… *ahem* I mean, fuel your weekly healthy shop.
  • Help to buy those books you need for your course! (Distant laughing is heard from students all around the world).
  • Allow you to actually afford your own Netflix and Spotify (that others will then scrounge off).
  • Various other things that I can’t think of right now…

Yes, obviously, the pros always are followed by the cons…

  • Distract you from your course and important work at university.
  • Take up all your ‘chill out’ time.
  • Put too much on your plate meaning you start lacking in other areas.
  • No matter how much you work, the money you earn will just never be enough for all your bills and you’ll always be left with £10 at the beginning of the month wondering where that pay check went.
  • Stress yourself out.
  • Take time away from your social life.
  • Other various things that I can’t think of right now…

When it comes to part time jobs during university it’s varied. Some people have to work to survive, others do it for the extra cash. Others literally can’t balance university, a social life and work whereas others don’t let it hinder them at all. It depends on the person and the need for money at the end of the day… and how much you enjoy your part time job.

Again, as we’ve established there are various pros and cons to working during your summer at university. If you’re a first year, you can hopefully find a part time summer job back home or return to one you had previous to university. If you’re in second year, chances are you won’t really go home and can get a job in term time and continue it in summer or vice versa and if you’re in third year… well, I don’t know about that yet. I’m about to start third year so I’ll let you know on that one.

Why did I get a part time job?

Well, I needed the money to be honest. I’ve used up all my overdrafts and all the money I had and yet, I still have bills to pay so the logical choice was to get a job! Now, I wasn’t exactly ‘forced’ into the roll at Halfords. I’ve always wanted to work there and this seemed like the ideal time to start working there – luckily, the opportunity came about at the right time.  Therefore, I suppose it was a mixture of desperation for money and desire to work for the company.

I must add, anything I say regarding my job is specifically a expression of my own personal opinions and does not reflect on those of Halfords as a company. – I’m meant to tell you this, I signed a contract saying I would. So, there you go!

So, in conclusion, if you want a few extra pennies in your pocket, go out and find a little part time job! Something with flexible hours and that can accommodate you whilst in term time and with extra hours when you’re on holidays!


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