I Need Your Help! (Again!)

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I need your help! (Again). So, a week or so back I posted a ‘trailer’ about my Youtube channel being rebooted well, I’ve finally put together my first video idea for my ‘big come back’ and I need your help.

The first video will be called “A Message to the Year Below” and will simply involve graduates, third years, second years and first years videoing messages of wisdom, tips, hints, experience, advice and what not to the year below them. So, put another way: if you could pass on a message to the year below you, what would you say? It can be funny, serious or whatever else you want!

If you are in the Lincoln area and would like to get involved common/message me and we’ll arrange to video some content for the vlog but if you are further away then please feel free to video your message and send it to me on justgeorgej@outlook.com
If you don’t feel comfortable being on camera but have a message, tell me the message and I’ll read it out at the end of the video!

Everyone will be credited (if they want to be) and everybody will have an equal share on the video once it is created to share about!

How you choose to appear in the video is completely up to you: dress normal, wear fancy dress, film against a blank wall, film yourself whilst climbing a mountain or studying in the library or whatever else – whatever you want to do! You can also film alone, with friends or family or anything! Make your little clip unique.

30 Second submissions only please!

Help me, to help others.


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