Results Day 2016

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Yay! Results Day, you’re going to university, this is what you have to come…

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Today is the day a lot of students have been dreading for a while, a day that they wish was never coming but at the same time, couldn’t come soon enough. On the other hand, there are students who have been excited for this day to come around and it finally has, so, the question is, how did you do on Results Day 2016?

Luckily, for most, it’s a beautifully sunny day – at least that’s something. Prepare yourselves for the newspaper pictures of students doing the jump-in-the-air with their results and the close ups on the news of students opening their envelopes and all those stereotypes – it’s a fun day all in all!

So, as I asked, how did you do today? Are you already celebrating your Results as you’ve got into the university of your choice? Are you fairly happy still but you only got into your insurance choice? Are you completely and utterly deflated after not achieving the grades you wanted to achieve? Have you considered Clearing? Have you already gained a place by going through Clearing today?

No matter what your answer is to those questions, Results Day is a mixture of emotions all around and still a fantastic none the day – it’s the where at least one massive weight drops off your shoulders and you’re left with a little breathing space – in reality, that breathing space lasts like 0.2 seconds before you realise you have so much to plan and buy for university or if you didn’t get into university, you’re questioning your entire future. It’s a fun time!

So, let’s break this down a little;

Congratulations, you’ve achieved the grades you needed to get into your Firm Choice!

Obviously we have to start on those of you that have achieved the grades you needed, so, congratulations! What’s next?

  • ENSURE you have sorted your Student Finance out and it’s all ready to go as soon as you start university ; if not, get it sorted now and ensure it’s the FIRST thing you do.


  • ENSURE your accommodation is all prepared and sorted (if you are living on campus), make sure you have applied for it or you have done so and hearing back from your university about what room you will be staying in!

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  • CHECK LIST; make sure you have got a list of everything you are going to need for university and that you’ve already started some university shopping; if not, guess what? SHOPPING TIME! Enjoy your university shopping – don’t go too crazy!

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  • HAVE you got everything you are going to need for your course? Pens, pencils, notepads and what not? Ensure you have! Also, have you already looked at any textbooks that you may be using on your course? Do it!

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  • HAVE you set up a Student Bank Account? Make sure you do this because you definitely need one whilst at university and they can help more than you’ll ever realise! Plus, they can offer some great perks and rewards. I’d suggest going with Lloyds!

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Even if you got into your insurance choice, congratulations!

  • LOOK on the bright side, you may not have got your firm choice but you still got a place at university and even if it doesn’t seem like it, a lot of people don’t get into university altogether – you chose your insurance for a reason (only a minority chose it just because they can) so be proud of yourself!

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  • At the end of the day, you’ve still got into university, so, guess what? All of the above still applies to you! Yay!

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Unfortunately, you didn’t make it into any of your choices…

  • DON’T feel disheartened. Sometimes life throws us a curve ball and just because you didn’t get into university now, doesn’t mean you never will. You may feel crappy for a little bit but it isn’t the end of the world, keep your chin up and know there are many possible routes from here!

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  • SUCH as re-sitting your A Levels! Now at the end of the day, you don’t even have to resit all of them, you can just resit one or two just to bring your UCAS points up to allow you to get into university! Of course, it means going back to college for another year but if university is your overall goal, then you can do it!

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  • WHY not take a Gap Year? It’s fair to say the build up to university at college is enough to fry your brain and summer is meant to be the break before university – but if you didn’t get in, you have an opportunity to get some life experience and save up some money and to be honest, it isn’t such a bad idea! Some universities look for people who have taken gap years, some actually fund you to go on a gap year – it’s worth researching it and there is so much you can do in a gap year and it’ll give you time to have a well deserved break before returning and hitting the books again and carrying on with the university journey!

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  • FINALLY, have you considered Clearing? First of all, what is Clearing? Well, at the end of the time where the university has gone through the process of offering people places and declining people places – of course, they have places left over and this is where you can apply for courses that have spaces with your grades and you can sometimes get onto them even if the grades aren’t exactly what the original requirements were. It’s always worth looking – you might find the course you’ve always wanted through it, do some research and give it ago – you never know! You could be going to university sooner than you think!

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All in all, as I’ve previously stated, university and the build up to it is a rollercoaster and it isn’t going to end! Enjoy the rest of your summer, no matter what you are doing, and prepare for September to come around because that’s when you get a massive boot up the backside and you’re kicked into the action that’s in full swing. It is fun, so try and enjoy it and try not to worry about starting! 

Best of luck each and everyone of you,



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