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So, ever since I started university at Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln I’m been running this WordPress blog and posting articles based on my personal experiences and journey throughout university and advice articles to potential students – it’s fair to say I’ve kept content coming even if it hasn’t been posted on a regular schedule – however, it’s now time to revisit my entire second year again – so, here we have it, my second year journey.

Where to start? Well, logic would say let’s start at the beginning.

Student House

There I was, Second Year was beginning and I was about to move into a new student house after living in halls for First Year. I could feel the independence growing at a rapid rate and all I could think about was how great the following year would be and what a year it was.

The new student house was lovely – it was everything we had been looking for, even if it was a little expensive. My word of advice would be MAKE SURE you read your contract and know what you are in for – all the ins and outs as this was something that we overlooked and later in the year, caused us problems.

For the first month or so we had some time to settle into the house and make it our ‘home’. At first once you’ve made in, your room is the only place that will feel like ‘home’ in your house but slowly the front room and kitchen and bathrooms will start to chain their own charm and it’ll make it feel homely but don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t feel that way straight from the start.

Moving into the student house gives you a whole new realm of independence. This house you now live in is something you have to make yours, you have to clean it, look after it, and respect your neighbours if you want a happy living environment – and also, keep your landlord happy. It isn’t like halls, this whole building is your responsibility – some treat it as just a roof over their heads but for me, a student house really made me feel like I was growing into a young adult. Now, for some students you’ll have to deal with your own bills when it comes to student housing but it won’t be too difficult as long as you plan at it – with ours, they were included within the price of rent therefore, it made it a little easier.

Don’t get me wrong, student housing has it’s ups and downs. Of course you are now living with people you consider to be best friend, close friends or you’ve just been chucked with someone random – but either way, it can be more testing than halls as you are now living in close quarters with these other students and you can really see each others home habits – some you may dislike but one thing is for certain, moving into a house can make or break some friendships and that’s good, it’s a good test.

All in all, the house served us well and hosted many parties and good memories throughout Second Year!


I was now in my middle year at university and excited to get back to my lectures and really crack on with another year – even if I was a little nervous all over again.

It’s fair to say lectures in Second Year kicked off in full swing and we were straight into the action. I was already aware of the modules I’d be studying from the previous years and what not so I was already excited by that and knew the modules I was looking forward too.

It was a difficult year and it was challenging and I regret not applying myself more because I believe I really could have done – I think I was naive to the workload and my ability. MAKE SURE YOU APPLY YOURSELF. The course had it’s ups and downs and it became extremely stressful in times where as others it seemed to be smooth sailing but overall, I enjoyed it. I gained a heap of new knowledge about my course and in some areas I really excelled however near the end of the day, my grades dropped a bit and that really disheartened me but it was still an exciting year of learning and I took a lot away from it – I won’t bore you with what I learned as it’d only interest fellow Thespians.

Student Life

The biggest part of student life that I struggled with is finances. ┬áBig shock! I know most students struggle with their finances and I definitely took the biscuit with my finances. I just didn’t crack down on my spending and left myself with a little amount of money a lot of the time – I didn’t plan ahead which I really should have done – saying that, I always found a way to make it work… so that’s something.

Student life in general, I enjoyed. I always do. I like the independence and the freedom that comes with it. There are hard times and easy times and it’s a never ending rollercoaster of questions such as “How do you boil an egg?” (I know how to boil an egg).

Eating wise – that was definitely a rollercoaster. Sometimes I’d eat good and most days I’d eat bad so you can see where I’m going wrong. JUSTEAT is the devils work – I won’t share how much we as a house spent on JustEat, it’s scary – it is a useful tool, if you don’t abuse it – which we did.

I believe student life is an extremely social time and I know it’s cliche, but it is the time were you discover yourself but I do believe, it’s only if you allow yourself to be discovered – it sounds very deep but understand this, if you stick to your old ways and don’t push your comfort zone or try new things… you’ll never grow as a person and learn new things. You have to allow a little room to grow – it’s worth it!

Partying / Clubbing

I didn’t really go out as much during Second Year. I still went out every now and again but I just always seemed to be tired and just couldn’t hack it. I still had and attend a fair few house parties but going out wasn’t as much as First Year – no way near. Also, I felt like I’d hit a barrier where I could no longer stay out till 3am… it got to 1am (1:30 at the latest) and I’d be ready for takeaway and bed – I felt like an old man!

Don’t get me wrong, when you are going into Second Year – I’d suggest cutting down on the nights out but don’t stop all together, everyone needs to blow off steam every now and again. They can still be fun.

In a very quick nutshell, I do believe that is the journey of my Second Year. Well, the areas worth knowing about I believe. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on any of the following;

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube | justgeorgej@outlook.com

Also don’t forget to check out my latest return to Youtube:



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