Let’s Start Third Year

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I think it’s fair to say we’re all pretty happy right now, because you know, student finance has finally re-entered our lives and we are all no longer poor!

However, saying that, if you’re anything like me you’ll be back within your overdraft within the next month. Thank God for student overdrafts. Man, I need a job.

So! On Wednesday I re-start Third Year and the best news about that is, for once, I’m actually beyond prepared. I’ve even started writing an assignment already, how crazy is that? This is probably the kind of thing I should have been doing from day one but oh well, better late than never!

I do realise that posting content to my blog was meant to be come regular next week but I’ve been distracted by preparing for university – which is foremost important in this case. However, I said I’d post an entry every Monday and Friday and it’s Monday today so, we’re making progress! Let’s see if I actually post one on Friday! Also, there should be a vlog thrown in there somewhere.

Anyway, back to the point!

So I start back university on Wednesday and luckily, this year, I’m only in Wednesday, Thursday and Friday however the other days will soon become filled with rehearsals and that’s university for you! Well, that’s my course for you!

In this little entry of ‘Lets Start Third Year’, I want to share with you the one module that I am looking forward and have been looking forward to for the past two years.

Studio Practice! That’s the module I’ve been looking forward too. Basically, it’s where as Thirds Years we either choose a play or write a play and then we get given a group of the First Years to direct in said play into the week before Christmas, we perform twice! Now, the problem about this years Studio Practice is that there is a drop in the number of First Years on the course so instead of getting a group of First Years we get like, one. We’ve had to use different people, off different courses from across the university. Never mind, I have good people and I can’t wait to start the module! I look forward to actually putting on the play that I’ve written, not long now until I can!

Other than this module, I’ve got an awful lot going on and a very busy year ahead – therefore, I will always try and keep up to date with my blog!

Also, after I start my counselling and get that under way, I may write more depending on how that goes. We’ll just see!


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