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Student Image Comp.pngAre you a Fresher? Could you do with a few goodies at no cost? Are you a Second or Third year that could do with replenishing some belongings you’ve lost along the way free of charge? Do you want a chance to win the follow;

  • Eight in One Kitchen Tool Bottle
  • Storage Boxes
  • Stackable Wine Glasses
  • Stackable Mugs
  • Kitchen Tool Set
  • USB Stick

plastic boxes and other gifts supplied by Allison Handling’

WELL, It’s time, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, a Student Giveaway hosted by yours truly JustGeorgeJ!

So, now you’re questioning how do I get involved and how could I win?

EASY! Here’s what you do…

Step One; Follow Me on Facebook or Twitter (or both if you’d like!)

Step Two; Take a photo of yourself that represents WHY YOU NEED THIS GIVEAWAY

Step Three; Post it on Facebook or Twitter (if posting on Facebook, link my page ‘JustGeorgeJ’ accompanied with the hashtag ‘#WhyINeedThisGiveaway’ and also ‘#JustGeorgeJ’ and if you post it on Twitter tag me ‘@JustGeorgeJ_UNI’ and include the previous hashtags and for a laugh, add in a funny caption!

For example on Facebook; *Your Picture* then ‘THIS IS WHY I NEED THIS GIVEAWAY, I HAVE NOTHING’ @JustGeorgeJ / #WhyINeedThisGiveaway #JustGeorgeJ | on Twitter; *Your Picture* then ‘I’M TOO POOR, I CAN’T EVEN AFFORD FOOD!’ @JustGeorgeJ_UNI / #WhyINeedThisGiveaway #JustGeorgeJ

Get it? Got it? Good!

Step Four; WAIT! The competition will run from this date and last for TWO WEEKS ending on THURSDAY 13TH OCTOBER | The winning will be announced on FRIDAY 14TH OCTOBER 2016 at 12:00pm



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