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… we’re half way through Third Year.

You know, it’s weird? It seems as long only yesterday I was going sleep, nervous, as my university journey was about to begin and three years seemed like such a long time. However, now I’m half way through Third Year and it’s soon to all come to an end.

Yes, it has been an awfully long time since I actually posted some original content on my blog and yes, as usual, I did say I’d try and post every week but that always falls through – I need to stop kidding myself. More so this time as I was living the life of a Third Year and it’s not been easy in any way shape or form. Third Year has been a whirlwind already and it’s not even over yet – however, it’s most certainly been an experience. On the positive side, it’s nearly Christmas.

I believe first and foremost, it’s important to update you on something that, in my previous articles, I was mentioning upon frequently. This certain subject was that of my counselling. I’d discussed how near the end of my Second Year I’d developed anxiety and was struggling with coping with it and that I was attempting to do all I could to help myself along this specific journey – therefore, I was seeking counselling. Well, guess what? Six weeks later, I’ve had six sessions and finished this ‘course’ of counselling and came out the other end a lot better than I went in. I was extremely skeptical about counselling before I started but as I went through the process and I opened myself up to it, it proved to really help me. It was a good, well-needed experience. It bought up a lot of memories, emotions and feelings that I’d suppressed for nearly ten years – therefore, that wasn’t easy but in the long run, it’s really helped me. I’ve learned techniques to help deal with my anxiety and my panic attacks and even though I still have my bad days occasional, I understand how to deal ¬†with them and keep pushing forward – therefore, I’ve successfully made it through my first term of Third Year with only a few minor bad days that attempted to drag me back. I’ve had some fantastic support from my counsellor, friends and family and I can’t thank them enough – it’s just a case of continually pushing forwards.

Moving on from that, as mentioned, I’ve completed my first term in Third Year. It’s been a rollercoaster and the modules have been challenging but enjoyable and worth while at the same time. I’ve learnt a lot and it’s really tested my skills – it’s required an awful lot of time being dedicated towards the course and there is still an awful lot more to come that I can only face with my head held high and take everything as it comes.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I can only apologise for not having a new content to most regularly. I’ve been awfully busy and it takes time to sit down and actually type out a new article and get everything prepared to post it – therefore, finding this time to write something is actually rare. I hate neglecting my writing but I have to prioritise things and unfortunately, this has to take the knock for now. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick it back up again soon.

Everything feels surreal at the moment – as I’ve said, time has passed way to fast and I feel as though I haven’t made the most of the experience through university as I could have done. It’s most certainly been interesting, filled me with experiences and memories but I still feel there was more that I could have taken away from it that I didn’t but oh well, I have to accept was has happened and make the most of the time I have left!

How’s your university experiences going? Especially First Years? All I’ll say to you guys is, cherish every moment and make the most of university. It’ll fly by before you even know it and it’s crazy!


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