Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

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Happy New Year readers!

Here we are, in a New Year! We’ve left the horrors and hardships of 2016 behind us and now have a brand new start ahead of us – who knows what it will hold. For myself it holds my last ever semester at Bishop Grosseteste University – my last term of Third Year. It’s a surreal experience if I’m being honest – three years has flown by and I feel like I’ve got whiplash from it.

However, this is something I repeat over and over – in all of my articles.

So! In a lot of my articles over the past year I’ve talked about a lot of topics and a lot has happened, I’ve also achieved a fair amount… it’s been a good year for this blog.

As I go into my final term at university, I’m going to attempt to document the final few weeks of my experience and draw this blog to a close BUT I can announce now that the end of this blog will NOT be the end of JustGeorgeJ. As of two days ago I applied to do an MA Drama specialising in Playwriting at University of Lincoln – therefore, when my ‘undergraduate’ blog ‘closes’ (even though it will always still exist and I’ll still do advice articles) a new ‘masters’ blog will open up that will document my experience through that and so on and so fourth – therefore, there will be content from me still being produced for a while.

ALSO; as of a couple of days ago I took on a job on a website called ‘Tutora’ – basically meaning I’m now a tutor and I have control over how much I charge, subjects I teach and hours I can do; SO, if you are in the local area of Lincoln and need tutoring – have a look at my profile page here.

Obviously, if you’ve been reading this over the past two years, you’ll understand that I have a lot of side projects which I undertake – one of which being ‘The Student Room’ and helping out on there which I should be getting back too over this weekend, so, if you’re a potential student and need help, head over to that website! I’ll be there! Even if you’re a current first, second or third year student – head over and create an account and offer your wisdom!

I have got a few articles in the pipelines that should be released over the next few weeks so keep your eye out for them, ALSO, remember that you can be a Guest Writer on my blog – if you’ve got articles you want to share, just get in touch with me at: – I’ve had a lot of interest this past year and a lot of articles that have been posted, get involved!

I look forward to posting new content soon,

Again, Happy New Year guys!


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