Food for Thought (Part Two)

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Hello Readers! So, obviously this article is ‘Part Two’ to ‘Food for Thought’, which if you missed, you can find here. With that, it’s time to carry on and finish what I started the other day!

Points taken from ‘ThoughtCatalog’ and their article which you can read here.

12. You will probably have a quarter-life crisis one of these days, but I promise you, you will survive it.

During university, everybody feels as though their are having a life crisis and it feels as though you are in a pit of despair from which you’ll never return, however, this is not true. At university, even at the best of times, it will feel as though your life is falling apart due to the fact that is so much going on and you will feel like you can’t handle it but I’m here to tell you, you will. Like this says, you may have a ‘quarter-life’ crisis and you WILL survive it. You can do it and you can push through whatever is thrown at you.

13. Follow your own advice.

Chances are, you’ll make a lot of friends at university and especially if you live in halls, you’ll find yourself giving a lot of advice to people when they are feeling homesick, stressed and so on and so fourth. You’ll always find yourself giving advice. Therefore, as hard as it may be, remember to try and take your own advice – you obviously thought the words you shared were comforting and ‘wise’ – some what – therefore, attempt to take your own advice. It’ll get you further than you think but yes, I know it is hard!

14. Being kind goes along way.

Remember, there are a lot of people at university that feel like they can’t make friends. They feel as though they don’t fit in, they aren’t smart enough, they can’t socialise well and so on – also, some people are (as I mentioned in Part One) fighting a battle you can’t see – therefore, they may find social situations and making friends difficult – therefore, remember that being kind goes along way. Whether it is simply smiling at someone, saying hello, asking someone if they need help finding a building or with their work, whether they want to study together or go for a drink – a simple act of kindness can go an awfully long way, they will really appreciate it.

15. Don’t let people treat you like a little kid.

Now, this should be self explanatory. At this age, you are not a little kid yet, to those older, you may still be seen as a little kid or treated as one at the least. You are an adult, therefore act like one and treat others as you would want to be treated. Especially whilst at university. My biggest shock when first starting at Higher Education was how the lecturers did treat you and talk to you as adults. You are becoming independent and they do treat you as the age you are – therefore, act the age you are. Stand up for yourself and prove yourself as a young adult!

16. You can’t hide from your problems

As we’ve established throughout nearly all of my articles, you are juggling a lot whilst at university. Therefore, trying to hide your problems will not help you. Suffering in silence will not help you. I do understand that keeping everything to yourself feels like the ‘safer’ bet and it’s not necessarily more comfortable, but, it’s easier but you have to understand, it’s not healthier. If you’re like me, you fear speaking about your problems because vocalising them makes them real (if that doesn’t sound silly), it gives them life and that is terrifying. So, at least if you keep quiet you can pretend they don’t exist. Like I’ve said though, DO NOT hide from your problems. Trust me, in the long run, facing that fear and opening up to someone will help no end.

17. Grades don’t mean a thing in the real world.

Obviously saying this is a little bias seeing as I am studying at university and working towards grades to get me further in the future and that’s what university is like. However, if you take a step back, you soon realise grades are not everything. Sure, they can mean a lot in certain circumstances but there is always different ways into your dream careers, there is apprenticeships and much, much more. Don’t drain yourself trying to hit top grades – do your best, and ask nothing more of yourself. As long as you’ve done your best, that’s all anyone can ask of you.

And finally…

18. Worrying more will not do anything to help you.

I suppose when reflecting upon this one, it’s fair to say it links with no.16. Worrying about things is not going to help you. If you keep worrying about various things it will all build up and again, it will not be healthy for you. Talk about things to family, friends, lecturers and student support and just have a good vent. Actively do something to end your worrying!

And there you go! This brings the ‘Food for Thought’ topic to a close! I hope you readers have managed to take something away from this, hopefully just as much as I put into writing it.

Stay strong all!


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