The Countdown Begins

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Hello Readers,

It’s fair to say I dropped off the map for a little bit! However, that’s for good reason. In my previous articles I have mentioned personal struggles that I have been experiencing and following that, I’ve had a bit of a rough time lately – therefore, I haven’t really had the motivation to write anything to my blog – trust me, it upsets me greatly. I did attempt to write an article a week or so ago but gave up on it, therefore, I thought it was about time to get back to some writing.

First of all, the other reason I’ve been quiet lately is because I am now in my last term of Third Year at university. That only means one thing, DISSERTATION. Yes, it is dissertation time which means a lot of my time and writing motivation is going into that as of current – in total, I have around 10,000 words to write and even though I’ve got a couple of months to do it – I’m trying to stay ahead of the game.

Right, now you’re all caught up, let’s get into this article!

Well, here we are. It’s with a heavy heart that I say my three-year journey through university is about to come to an end. My first ever article was counting down to the beginning of the journey, this article now signifys counting down to the end of my journey.

SPOILER: When this blog ends I will be setting up an entirely NEW blog to document my journey into my Masters and beyond that. Keep your eyes peeling for that!

It is weird to think that I’m nearly at the end of my three years at Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln – I still remember the first day as though it was yesterday. I still remember starting this blog to document my journey and thinking that ending it seemed years and years away – but, time flies. It really, really does.

Currently I have three modules to finish before my time at university comes to an end. One called ‘Community Project’, another called ‘Community Orientation’ and another called ‘Indepedent Written Study’ (e.g. DISSERTATION). The Community Project and Orientation go hand-in-hand pretty much. For these I am carrying out placement at a school/college in Lincolnshire where I am running their Theatre-in-Education module around the theme of ‘Self-Harm’, overall attempting to set up a day on my campus for ‘Mental Health Awareness’ – I have a long way to go yet though. Alongside that their is an assignment to write, a presentation to do and my dissertation and my dissertation is looking at whether or not ‘Theatre in Education’ has the ability to inspire ‘social-change’ – it’s interesting so far with what I’ve done, it’s just trying to get into the flow and get going. I’ve still got time at this point and fairly prepared, so, I’m trying to keep it that way.

There is another small update I’d like to share with my readers, but be warned, it may or may not be a trigger, so warning ahead…

Many of you already know my story when it comes to anxiety, I share it fairly freely so people, who may be in the same situation, can understand that they aren’t alone. Some people can talk about it, others can’t. The only reason I talk about it because it’s better than letting it sit in my head – I’m fairly expressive, so, if you aren’t like that, do not worry. Everybody deals with it differently.

Anyway, you also all know that I went through counselling that did, in fact, help me get back on my feet. However, at the beginning of this year I had (what I suppose you can call) a relapse. The anxiety that I was experiencing returned with a vengance and it got to the point where I had to make a pretty big decision to go onto medication. The medication that I received (after a discussion with my doctor) was one that was purely to target my symptoms of anxiety whilst at the same time, slightly helping to increase my mood. They take between 3-4 weeks to fully show their effects and I’m just passing my second week – I can feel slight changes and I’m better than I was – it’s just another uphill battle that I’ve got to keep pushing. I refuse to give up – no matter how much I’ve felt I wanted too.

This has also partly contributed to my lack of motivation when it comes to writing and why any motivation that comes my way at all, goes to my university work. I hope you can understand this.

So there you have it, that’s why I’ve been fairly quiet and I hope you can appreciate my reasoning behind it all. I do aim to post some new content over the coming week – some more hints and tips and other articles of a similar theme. Keep an eye out for them!



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