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Hello, Readers!

Enjoying the ‘remodel’ of JustGeorgeJ? I believed it was finally time to give the site a bit of a makeover. Also, it allows you guys to know that I am definitely still here and taking care of it! There is still a little bit too do but bare with me!

The reason I have been absent from this blog is two fold;

  1. I currently was approached by ‘Campus Society‘ who asked me to join up to their website and share my blog there. Therefore, I have been spending time overreaching on there and sharing the content from this blog, over there. You can find my ‘JustGeorgeJ – Campus Society’ blog here.
  2. As previously stated, it’s third year for me. My final year of my three-year journey! How upsetting. This, unfortunately, means that I am rushed off my feet with assignments, placements and the dreaded dissertation – which is what I am going to talk to you about today!

So, as previously stated, I am currently working on my dissertation. As many of you will know, it’s a stressful time. The massive problem for me is that because our lectures have pretty much ceased to exist, it’s hard to find motivation when you do not have the lectures kicking you up the backside. Sure, the due date is there, but when it’s far away, it’s still difficult to find motivation. I believe I work better under pressure. You would have thought with it being my dissertation and my final year that would have been pressure enough, but apparently not.

Anyway, I’ll briefly explain what my dissertation is. Here is my question;

“An exploration into the debate as to whether ‘Theatre in Education’ can trigger ‘social-change’.”

For those of you that do not understand that, I’m basically researching into ‘Theatre in Education’ and attempting to identify if it can cause ‘social-change’ and by that, I mean a change in the participant, their community, the immediate community and so on and so fourth. In order for me to answer this question, I have done A LOT of reading and research – so much, like, more than any I have ever done in my life. Alongside that research, I have been undertaking a placement teaching a ‘Theatre in Education’ module at a local college – extremely rewarding to see their work coming together!

In a nutshell, that’s my dissertation. I’m around 2,000 words into it, so, I’m pretty happy with where I am. I do not believe the word count is enough, though. Bearing this in mind, hopefully, you can understand why I’ve lacked the motivation to write for my blog! Plus, I’ve covered A LOT since I began this blog. It’s difficult to know what to share with you lovely people – however, I’ll find some new topic to annoy you all with!

All in all, that’s all I have to say for today! Short and sweet!

Keep an eye on the facelift that my blog is currently going through and keep an eye out for new content!


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