Third Year: Study or Party?

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Good Mornings Readers! 

I don’t believe I have ever written an article as early in the day as this one. What’s wrong with me? Today’s article is the final in a three-parter, the previous two being ‘First Year: Study or Party?‘ and ‘Second Year: Study or Party?‘. As it’s my third and final year – it’s only right that I return to this one, even if it is a silly question to put forward at this time of the year.

As I’ve covered numerous times throughout my articles, there is a particular stereotype that student life is all about drinking. Unfortunately, that’s the side that has been glorified the most. At the same time, I will not deny, the majority at university do drink and party so it is not surprising that this has been glorified – however, is the balance between studying and partying the same throughout all the years?

The easy answer is this; it depends on you as a person. Some people will go out the same amount across all their years at university. Some people will go out all the time in the first year and then less and less in the following years. Whereas some people will not go out at all. It varies, you get the picture.

Realistically, however, and in general terms, to answer the question ‘Third Year: Study or Party?’, the answer should be: study! Obviously, in the third year, the workload picks up, more so than ever before. At the same time, it becomes dramatically independent and suddenly you are left having no idea which way to turn and realising you took your lecturers help for granted. You suddenly discover you are using parts of the library that you never knew existed and using resources you never thought you’d use in a desperate attempt to meet deadlines and write the dreaded dissertation. So really, it is work; work; work. Although I’m, in so many words, saying that in the third year you should study non-stop and do nothing other than that, that is not the case.

You still need a social life! Remember this. As I’ve stated in all my articles, you need to find a balance. There has to be a balance between your studies, your work, your friendship circle and so on. You always need time for you – you owe yourself the ability to let off some steam every now and again. If not, the stress can all build up and before you know it, you’re in a rut that you cannot get out of. Again, I’m EXTREMELY aware this all comes down to the person at hand. As I’ve stated above. Everybody is different and does things differently. I am speaking in a generalised term.

I am in no terms saying that you should abandon all your studies and go on, spend all your money and leave your work until the last minute. I’m just saying, give yourself a break. It’s your last year at university for crying out loud! You deserve to party and celebrate and sure, it can be argued that the celebrating can be done after you’ve finished all the hard work – sure, cool, do that! However, you need to take breaks in between and going out is a good way of letting off steam. Drink (or don’t), dance and have a good laugh! Just have a break and have a good time. As long as you’re organised (which a lot of us are not, but let’s just pretend we are) then there is a lot of time to get your work done (time flies by, do not listen to me) so treat yourself! (you shouldn’t definitely not treat yourself, work hard!).

Joking aside, at the end of the day, only you know your ability to balance studying and partying! I’ve shared my advice – that being its third year and there is still time to do both, but you’ve got to make your own decisions (not that you need me to tell you that).

To all the third years out there, a massive good luck for your dissertations and assignments! Here’s to seeing you all at the finish line, graduation!

To the rest of you years, enjoy the time whilst you can! Have a drink on me!


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