It’s The Little Things

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Good Afternoon Readers,

Today’s article is all about ‘the little things’. Meaning, all the little things that I love about university since starting my journey. I’ll break this down into the first, second and third year and go from there. Hopefully, if you haven’t yet started university, these are things you can look forward to. If you’re already at university, these are things you can relate too.

First Year

  • The fact that no matter what time is was, even if it was 3 am, there would someone be awake to chill with if you couldn’t sleep.
  • There was always something going on in halls – either the good, the bad and the ugly.
  • It’s extremely sociable – if you want to be involved in that side of university.
  • Everyone not taking the first year seriously so you always find an excuse to not do work.
  • Beer gardens after lectures in the summer.
  • Christmas Dinner in halls with your flat and housemates.
  • Flat/House Parties.
  • The start of your lectures.
  • The new city and being able to explore and discover places.
  • Making new friends, some of which become lifelong friends.
  • The independence you feel – if you have been waiting for independence.
  • The feeling of a new chapter of your life beginning.
  • Going to SU events that can be so terrible, they are hilarious.

Second Year

  • Moving into a student house and experiencing having control over your own house.
  • The random events that happening the early hours of the morning.
  • Cooking for each other and bonding as a house (if you’re lucky).
  • House Parties.
  • Furthering your studying and learning more about your course.
  • Experiencing placement and putting the theory into practice.
  • Beer Gardens in the summer, always. Or in your house garden – if it’s nice.
  • Your first Christmas in the house and decorating the house.
  • Doing everything you definitely shouldn’t be doing in your house.
  • Learning to become a ‘handy-man’ and being able to ‘fix’ most things.
  • The continued feeling of independence.
  • Making new friends – basically feeling like family.

Third Year

  • For me, it was moving into a new student house.
  • Entering the final year of my course and being able to bring everything together.
  • Making new friends and continuing long term friendships.
  • Preparing for my future and planning the next step.
  • Christmas and Beer Gardens – that’s always going to be true.
  • Finding out your true friendships.
  • Really discovering yourself as a person and growing as a person.
  • Graduation and celebrating my achievements.
  • Wishing I was a first year all over again.
  • Making more memories that are going to last a lifetime.

As you can see, a lot of the things that I love cross over with each and every year – because some of them remain to be true. They always will be. University has been an experience and I’ve loved a lot of moments that have happened and some of them, I will cherish forever. Some of them I will miss. Unfortunately, university can’t last forever and I’d say it’s more ‘student life’ that I’m going to miss because student life is still so detached from real life. It’s like still having freedom but still not having freedom and you’re constantly stuck in that middle ground for all three years – or however long you’re in university.

There is probably a lot that I haven’t mentioned – because even though these are ‘little things’, there are probably even littler things that make up my life and that I love about university and student life – but, there are things that I do not really realise.

It’s cliche but you really should make the most of your time at university as it can be an amazing, freeing and life-changing experience – if you allow it. You can make friends for life, you can find the one you love, you can discover yourself and so on and so fourth. There is so much that can happen at university and it really can be amazing. It can be hard and stressful as I’ve covered before, but, this outweighed by the good. Always. Some people do not get on with the university experience and struggle and drop out and that’s fine, the lifestyle is not for everyone, but if it is for you, love it and live it. (Cliche again). Just enjoy your time.


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