Thinking Back to Freshers

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Good Evening Readers,

You may be wondering as to why I have returned to this topic as it is something that I have written about in some detail over my three years of writing. None the less, as my time at Bishop Grosseteste comes to an end and I am left thinking about my experiences at this university, it is natural to think back to my Freshers week and all the exciting experiences that happened there! Therefore, for one final time, let us revisit the beginning of my journey at university.

We shall start at the beginning, shortly after my friends and family had left and I was sitting in my university room alone. There I was, in a place that I barely knew with an entire year in communal halls ahead of me. Barely knowing anyone – apart from those I’d spoke to on social media and wondering what to do next.

As I sat there preparing for the first next of Freshers which was to be a ‘white t-shirt party’ I started doubting whether or not I should go out or not. A part of me wanted to stay in and just be alone in my room and process everything – which, in my case, would have been a unhealthy decision. However, a friend persuaded me to go out and therefore, Freshers begun! I’ll be honest with you, I cannot exactly remember the first night of Freshers. I remember alcohol; music and a lot of signing peoples t-shirts (a t-shirt which still hands on my wall today!). Then waking up the next day with the ulmightiest of hangovers.

This first night consisted of making friends, swapping numbers and discovering people off my course and so on and so fourth. It was a good first night of Freshers. Now, on the second night of Freshers, I did not go. Why? Simply because I did not want too and thought I’d chill. So, in true student spirit, myself and a newly made friend stayed in, had a cup of tea, ate biscuits and watched the Lego Movie – all in all, a good night. Therefore, one of my messages here, if you do not want to go out and drink during Freshers, you do not have too. You can bond with your flatmates and get to know them without drinking. No one will judge you. Do what makes you comfortable! (I did miss Wild West night though, how sad!).

The following night was ‘Geek Night’. I did attend this event. Again, drinking, dancing and bonding with new people. I feel as though Freshers can be summorised with these words to be honest. Following this there was ‘Frat Party’, ‘Pub Quiz’, ‘Silent Disco’ and then finally ‘Freshers Ball’. Therefore, as you can, my SU had arranged a variety of different events to attend and out of all of them, I only missed one.

My Freshers experience was a generic one if I am being honest. It was fairly stereotypical. It had a lot of alcohol, dancing, making friends, making memories, taking pictures and the occassional bit of drama – because let us be honest, drama never ends. No matter what age you are. (Ironic as I study a Drama degree). Freshers is definitely an experience in itself and should not be something to fear at all. Especially when it comes to a fear of drinking, because as I’ve established (and at this point, I might just get it tattooed on my body) you DO NOT have to drink during Freshers so please (please, please, please) do not feel as though you have too or feel pressured into it.

Freshers is the start of your univeristy journey and although there is many stereotypes around this ‘crazy’ week – I have ‘hopefully’ debunked a lot of those for you in previous posts. Freshers can be experience in a variety of different ways and enjoyed by everyone, whether you are an introvert or an extrovert. Your SU will host a number of different activities and ways to get involved and meet people and so on. Just do your research and find out what they offer! Also, do not fear. Everybody is in the same boat when starting university and there will ALWAYS be people who feel like you – whether you believe that or not.

There we go, that brings this article to a close! This was the final time I shall revisit the story of my Freshers and it gives you a final, brief overview of what my Freshers experiene was like. Freshers 2017 is fast approaching for you prospective students and you have a whole lot of excitment ahead of you. Embrace it, enjoy it and have a drink on me! (Even if it’s a cuppa!).


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