My Next Step

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Good Evening Readers,

What a lovely afternoon it is! My article today comes, yet again, after a suggestion over on ‘Campus Society’. Seriously, if you have not made a profile on there yet, you really should. Especially if you want to give blogging a go! I’m here today to talk about my next step, after Bishop Grosseteste and where my life is heading!

My three-year journey at Bishop Grosseteste University studying a BA (Hons) Drama in the Community Undergraduate degree is quickly coming to an end. It seems that only yesterday I was a prospective student for this university and had the whole three-year journey ahead of me, but here I am, a couple of months off finishing my degree and looking onwards and upwards! So, what’s next for me?

I’m happy to announce that I’ve applied and been accepted onto, the MA Drama course at the University of Lincoln specialising in the ‘Playwriting’ module starting September 2017. As you can see, I’m still staying in Lincoln! Therefore, currently, I am attempting to achieve the best grades I can in order to continue onto that next step. I am staying within the confines of the theatrical word but narrowing my skills down to what I do best, writing! Specifically, playwriting. When I start the next stage of my university career I will be staying in the same student house that I am currently living in and just move to studying downhill. It’s a rollercoaster of excitement and nerves at the prospect of going onto studying my Masters, but I know this is my next logical step and I am looking forward to it. Alongside this, during the year studying at the UoL, I will be attempting to find work experience within the industry and attempt to start getting my work out in the world as well as attempting to find a stable job to give me some financial stability as I study – this will allow me to live comfortably and be secure financially.

You may be looking at that and thinking; “fantastic”, “wonderful”, “great news!” and yes, it is. This is the next stage of my life and the foundations are already in the place. However, there is a fair amount of pros and cons – or to make it simpler, areas that I am and am not looking forward too. Let me share some of these with you…

What I’m Looking Forward To…

  • A whole new university campus to explore and use.
  • A whole new social group with the potential for new friendships to be made.
  • A new course to study that will expand and strengthen my knowledge as well as give me new skills.
  • The opportunities that come with this course and the ability to look further towards my future.
  • Another year in my student house with some fantastic friends – with that, all the new memories and ups and downs that come with it.
  • Another year in the most beautiful city I’ve ever lived in and be able to continue living in a place I now call home.

What Scares Me…

  • Though mentioned as something that I’m looking forward to, a new campus and a social group equally scare me!
  • The fact that I might not be intellectually on the same level as the rest of my course mates.
  • The fact I could fail my Masters and it would have been a waste of money.
  • Getting into more debt and the entire worry of financial stability.
  • The fact I have no idea what my next step is after this year doing my Masters.
  • What if I cannot support myself financially throughout the next year?

There you go – those are the little things running through my mind when it comes to the next step in my educational journey!

Also, you may be interested to know, I’m currently constructing and refining my own personal business plan to start up a company specialising in Theatre in Higher Education delievered to university students / college students to help them with the transition into ‘student life’.

I’ll keep you updated!

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