My Student Life

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Good Afternoon!

It seems strange that in all the time I have been writing, I’ve never titled an article ‘My Student Life’. How have I got this far without actually writing an article like this? On reflection, I believe I have – in a variety of ways. It has been approached through various articles of different titles – just never this one specifically. 

Right! My student life, let’s look at how I handled cooking, cleaning and doing my washing – throughout halls and my two student houses.


When I moved into halls, as I’ve shared with you before, I had a shoebox of a room. Although I was worried about it at first, I made it homely and comfortable and sure enough, grew to love it. Therefore, cleaning it was also fairly easy. I have always, throughout my life, kept my room clean. I have always kept things tidy and I have a thing about rearranging my bedrooms (seriously, ask anyone that’s close to me… I do it much too often). So, in halls, my room was always clean and tidy. I did this at least once a week (if not more).

Cooking wise… I was not too bad. At first, I had very limited recipes to my name. It was basically bolognese. That was about the extent of my abilities. Pasta dishes, but, you know – that’s basically student life. Pasta and rice. It’s like living in I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. However, after a while of the same meals. Pasta, pizzas and potatoes – you decide you want to branch out. I had three student cookbooks that I’d taken with me to university so I started to read those and get new recipes. I started to cook various types of pasta, chickens, salads and so on and so fourth. However, takeaways were still a huge part of my diet. (Oops).

When it came to washing, it was not too bad. Halls had various rooms where you could do your washing and they had a washing machine and a dryer – which to use both, was usually around £5. There wasn’t much to it. Clothes go in, wash, clothes come out, go in the dryer, done. There is not much more to say on that way!

Student House One

In my first student house, I had two rooms in it technically. By that I mean, for the first six months I was in one room and then for the other six months, I swapped rooms with a housemate and was in another room. Therefore, two rooms. In my first room, again, I kept it tidy and clean. It was still a fairly small room and a little cramped but it was still a nice. The view from the window was nice and let it a fair amount of light but I have A LOT of stuff, so again, it was a little cramped. When I moved into my second room, I had a lot more room and it was a lot more spacious. It was homely again and lovely to be in.

When it comes to cooking, I and a couple of the other housemates shared the responsibility of cooking meals and shared the cost of shopping. We had a variety of different meals and recipes were here, there and everywhere.

When it came to washing, we had a washing machine and a dryer which was the best thing in the end. Mainly because we could use them as of when we wished! Therefore, there was not much adjusting to go through!

Student House Two

Finally, the house I am in now! It’s fair to say, I love the house I am in now more than the last. It’s nearly redecorated and absolutely lovely. It lets in plenty of light, is spacious and just generally homely. It’s also fair to say that I love spring cleaner this house (which reminds me, I should really do that soon as we have a house inspection coming up!). I find cleaning therapeutic and enjoyable. Nothing better than having a clean house! Also, a clean room. Which since moving in last night, I have rearranged it four times… hopefully no more.

Cooking wise, we all chip in again. The recipes keep growing and we keep trying different things – it’s good. It’s tasty! Again, unfortunately, takeaways are still part of the diet… every now and again… more often than not. (Oops). I’ll share more of these recipes in the future! Watch this space for that!

Finally, washing wise, we have a washing machine but no dryer. My heart broke. It was a luxury that has been taken away… hanging clothes outside is not all it’s cracked up to be. Unfortunately. However, my housemate bought a dry-buddy and honestly, it was the greatest purchase she ever made.

And there you go, that’s my little student life!


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