Why Drama?

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Good Evening Readers,

Tonight I thought I’d share with you the reason I actually got into drama. Well, more of the journey into my ‘drama’ life because, to be honest, it is a bit of a journey in itself. An unexpected one at that, so, here we go!

When I was growing up I was a very shy little bit. Up to the age of 14/15 I had no interest in the theatrical world. I wouldn’t speak, act or do anything in front of a crowd – that thought was terrifying. I was shy and also very quiet. I had no idea that I wanted to be involved in drama. I mean, by this age, the most I had done was perform in those small performances we used to do on a Friday afternoon at Primary School, however, I never thought much of them.

Then, one day, in Year 9 of Secondary School I found myself being put into a production of something called ‘A Midsummer Madness’. This was an adaption of ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’ written by the headmaster of the school. I didn’t audition for the role, one of my friends had gone up for a role and ended up not wanting to do it, therefore, I thought “why not”. I can’t explain to you why I thought this, I just did.

This performance was nothing massive – although, my role was fairly large. It included a lot of speaking directly to the audience which was surreal because as I said, I’d never really done this before. I believe we did 3 or 4 performances and that was it, that was over. No more drama.

Then it came to moving up to my final school where I would do my GCSE’s. This meant I was allowed to pick four subjects I wanted to choose. I chose Graphic Design, ICT, Art and ┬áBusiness Studies. Yes, drama was not involved in the mix. I had noted it when looking through the options and thought about it but just didn’t end up going through with it. So, it had reached the time where the ‘two week window’ for transferring subjects had passed and it was nearing Christmas. One day, I decided I wanted to do drama. I just knew it was what I wanted to do and I knew I had made a mistake by not picking it. Therefore, I spoke to the drama teacher who gave me to go ahead and then spoke to the head of subject changes and they gave me the go ahead. Before you knew it, I was studying drama and getting some of the best grades in the class having picked up the other material pretty fast. It was finally the end of GCSE’s and I’d come out with a pretty good grade, so, guess what? I continued to study it at A Level and yeah, you guessed it, finally at degree level.

So, why Drama? As I said to you before, I sort of fell into it. My passion for it appeared out of no where and when I first started it, I used to tell people the same thing;

“It’s an opportunity to be anyone but myself. Be anywhere but here. Actually employ my emotions, feelings and thoughts and relay them through a character or a situation, bring it to life.”

This was how I truly felt – however, as my studies have gone on and I’ve gained experience and knowledge around the theatre world, that has slightly changed. I enjoy being able to be anybody but myself and channel the inner me through a character, but at the same time, I love seeing how theatre can create change, inspire people, change people and so on. I love all that drama encompasses and all that it can achieve. It’s just…. well, to someone on the outside, you’ll never understand, ever. Drama is all around you.

And yes, before you ask, I have had a lifetime (or what feels like a lifetime) of people saying;

“Oh, you do drama? Don’t you just stand around people a tree all day?” or

“Drama is pointless, what’s the point in studying that?”

And so on and so fourth. It’s been belittled, misunderstood and judged and to those people and anyone reading this that doubts the arts, do something for me…

Stop reading books, stop looking at art, stop listening to music, stop watching your favourite TV shows and your favourite films – just stop it all because these are the arts and without the arts, you wouldn’t have these things that you binge over. Open your eyes and culture yourself to what the arts actually is.

I’m a thespian and proud.


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