My Last Presentation

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Hello Readers! 

Well, here we are. As I write to you today I am in my last ever “lecture”. I state ‘lecture’ like that due to the fact that this day is all of my class delivering their final presentations. There is still an assignment to complete after this but I’ve already completed and submitted that, therefore, this makes this my final ever presentation! In other words…

… this is the last academic thing I will ever do at Bishop Grosseteste University as a BA (Hons) Drama in the Community student. Next stop? Graduation! Today, I completed my presentation in 10:14, baring in mind the limit was 10 minutes (with a minute either way), this was pretty good to say the least. I felt fairly confident throughout the whole thing and managed to answer my questions confidentially and it wasn’t until afterwards that the realisation set in. It was over. That is it. I’d finished. 

I’ve wrote article after article about my times, experiences and journey through Bishop Grosseteste but I’ll never be able to articulate enough how rewarding and beneficial this time at BGU has been. At the say time of writing my own blog, I also write for Campus Society and they have recently had an influx of new members to the site and the BGU channel actually has members other than me! It’s exciting! However, I’m so jealous of all the prospective students that are about to start their journey – all of them talking about their halls and courses… it makes me feel nostalgic. Not to mention old. Despite the fact that was only me three years ago. Nostalgia is the only thing I will be feeling for a while… and it’s what I’m feeling right now. I’m reflecting on today and my first ever lecture… when I was hungover and fell sleep… (okay, maybe that’s not a good example!). It’s just scary to think of the changes that have happened and the time that has passed. 

As I say this, I act if though my educational journey is over, when in fact, it’s far from over. Starting September I’ll be studying a Masters in Playwriting at the University of Lincoln! Then the whole emotional rollercoaster begins again! I’m struck with the feeling of both “what did I think I should carry on?” and “I can’t wait to continue!”. It’s fair to say there are conflicting emotions at play here. You will be able to follow my MA journey here; The MA Life

It slightly saddens me that this blog will be coming to an end soon. What started as a simple hobby and a way to document my journey through university turned into something that was read not only nationally but also internationally. I’ve had people from all over the world read my blog and an amazing amount of engagement and feedback. I even got voted “Top 33 Student Blogs” in the latter part of 2016 – I was shocked. This blog took off into something that was accessible for all students – something that provided experience and advice to all of them! However, I make this all sound dramatic. Yes, this blog has been successful but it’s not “famous”, it’s been a low key achievement for myself. At the same time, though this blog will end (maybe) my new blog will continue and thrive! 

So yes, this is my day. My presentation is completed and I’m sitting listening to my fellow students deliver theirs. Reflecting on the past three years at Bishop Grosseteste… what a three years it has been. 


2 thoughts on “My Last Presentation

  1. Wow, what a post. Congratulations on your whole three year experience & getting to the final lecture! This post makes me so emotional because this will be me this time next year and I’m SO not ready! Good luck for everything & I’ve just followed the MA Life, too. It’ll be great to see the progress you make and to witness your growth. I’m sure you won’t ever forget this blog, you should be SO proud of it! 😀


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