The Post-Uni Slump

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Afternoon Readers,

I’m going to be honest this life after university is not all I expected it to be. Do not get me wrong, the life of knowing that I do not have any work looming over me is very glorious and free, but, at the same time, it is also very boring and I do not know what to really do with myself. Therefore, let’s talk about the post-uni slump!

I’ve been finished university around a week now and I can tell you now, I have not done much in that time. To be honest, most days/nights I have been out drinking celebrating the end of my journey, however, there is also so long you can go with ignoring the fact that a significant part of your life has come to an end and unfortunately, it comes the time you have to say goodbye to people that have become like a second family to you and grow and move on with your life. It’s not enjoyable, it’s an inevitability. Again, do not get me wrong, there are the people that you will stay close with and see often, but, there are still lose that go in their own direction and it is upsetting.

For me, personally, I’ve always fallen into a ‘slump’ at the end of the various stages of my educational journey. Be it the end of GCSE or Sixth Form, I have always this slump. I normally stay in it for one-two weeks (all of summer) and then carry on once I find something to occupy myself with.

It is a weird state to be in, especially where I am now, no longer a student at one university and waiting to be a student at another. I am aiming to use this summer as an opportunity to earn some money and get some money beyond me in hopes that I will be financially stable when it comes to my next academic year. Luckily, I have been shortlisted for a job and currently waiting for an interview at said job, if all goes well, I will have a job that I shall be happy at and getting this money behind me!

On another note, I also feel guilty for doing nothing. In actuality I should not feel that way at all, I have worked non-stop for three years and put a lot of work into my degree, so, I do deserve a couple of weeks break where I just do nothing. At the same time, I feel guilty due to the fact that I seem to have lost my passion for writing. Obviously, I run this blog and various other social medias and I feel like I should keep my work up to standard and regular for my readers, but, it is really hard to find the time and passion for sitting down and writing.

If I’m being honest, I’m struggling for topics, especially for this blog. I have written for this blog over a hundred times now, I’ve repeated past posts and I’ve provided various experiences and advice, however, I feel like I’ve hit a wall with this blog. This saddens me as I do not want this blog to come to an end, hopefully, it will not. I should start working on my blog ‘The MA Life’ and document my preparations for that course… however, I have no idea what to write about, again. Now you understand, the slump.

Ironically, as most people, I’m most motivated at 3 am. When I get into bed at night and attempt to relax and fall to sleep, my mind is firing at 100mph with ideas, motivations, dreams, goals and more – however, by the morning, they’ve disappeared as quick as the sleep I was longing for.

EXCITING NEWS… as I was writing this article entry I had a phone call and it was a telephone interview for a different job as opposed to the one mentioned above. It went really well and the prospects of that look promising!

All in all, this university slump will pass but I wanted to share this article for you to let you know it is a natural way of feeling after you’ve finished university. Even if that feeling makes you believe that you’re lost or that your university journey feels pointless etc, whatever it is, it is natural. You will get out of the slump and you will keep on pushing!

Good luck to all those that have not finished yet, keep pushing, work hard and watch it pay off! It is nearly over soon, best of luck!


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