GS 2017 – 01/06/2017

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Dear Readers,

Welcome to my slightly altered articles – well, more like journal entries if you will.

Seeing as I have finished my three year undegraduate degree, I no longer have articles to write you about my third year and to be honest, I did not want this blog to just go unused from now on. Therefore, I’ve started these entries. Let me explain the title first;

‘GS 2017 – 01/06/2017’

  • GS – ‘Graduate Summer’; all article entries around my journies throughout my ‘graduate summer’ will be titled with this ‘GS’ at the beginning.
  • 2017 – ‘The Year’; I feel that was self explanatory, oh well!
  • 01/06/2016 – ‘The Date’; Self explanatory again, but obviously, this will change depending on the article.

Well, there you go. That was quick, a very quick explanation of my new titles. Hopefully you understand and we can move on… you have? Good!

Right, so, now you’re asking; “What are these entries going to tell us?”.

My GS articles are going to document both exciting and non-exciting days throughout my summer. This could be simply what I have done in a day, a random thought I have had during a day and so on. At the moment, these will be leading up to my graduation on the 20th July 2017 when I will officially graduate from Bishop Grosseteste University. After that, it will more than likely document my journey through summer as I attempt to save up money and allow myself to actually live next year.

Onto this entry!

Let me tell you a story;

Today, I was offered my absolute dreamjob. I cannot say what it is or who offered me the job for specific reasons… also those of which I cannot discuss, but, nevermind! The job would have required me to move to London to work full time, however, due to already having my Masters in place for September at the University of Lincoln, I am unable to take this job.

NOT TO FRET because the same place offered me another job in which it allows me to work from home part-time. Great right? I know! It allows me to continue pursing one of my biggest dreams and allow me to make some money doing something I absolutely love. (I’d do it for free if I’m honest with you, but, do not let them hear me say that!). Now, things are starting to look up for me!

Alongside this, I’ve also been shortlisted for a couple of jobs in my city which means, my financial worries should, hopefully, be on their way to being sorted out. Like I said, everything is looking up.

Now for my day;

As I mention in my previous post ‘The Post-Uni Slump‘ I have not done a lot since I have finished university. To be honest with you, I have felt a little lost. However, as of today, I’ve actually been productive. After the amazing news I received today, it sort of gave me a bit of life back and made me want to be active and do something! What did I do? I did some gardening. Yes, I like to actually take ownership of my student house, you should to! I cut the hedge back, BIG TIME. It looks a lot neater now. I then planted some flowers my mum had bought for me in one of our little flower beds and all that is left to do is clear up the other flower bed. Follow that, I went to Aldi and did a shop with my housemates and then cooked a very simple chicken dish with sweet and sour sauce. With rice. It was actually fairly tasted. I do like to take ownership and pride in my cooking as well.


Now I am sat at my Mac doing some work over on Campus Society. If you do not know what this is, it’s basically a social platform for students. It’s where students can blog or share their blogs, join channels around various topics and chat about everything and anything. Imagine your societies at university, then imagine them alone, combined with talking to students from all over the world.

Find my profile here.

As for today, that is it for this first ‘new’ post!

Thank you for reader!



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